Cisco CAD agent could not communicate with WIM

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An agent could not get web chat session even Ready State in Availabilty. The problem is only new agent assigned to WIM service. The other existing agents are working well. I did refresh Agent assignment service in the Chat session at System partation in the WIM. Now new agent worked web chat well.

Seem to be need to refresh agent assignment service everytime new user added. I tested it.

If you have great idea to fix this issue properly, great appreciated.


Sheraz Saeed Lodhi Wed, 01/05/2011 - 01:10

I m having almost the same issue. For some agents WIM chat is working while for some agents it shows "Agent Not Available" while agent is login and Ready state. I have also refresh the Agent Assigmnment Service but in vain. Any help would be appreciateable.


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