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I am on my first install of the UC560 system in a four branch location enviroment.  The setup has taken 3 times as long as has been bid, so profits on this installation are nil.  Are other install techs experiencing the same glitches, problems?

Problems include:

- licensing issues with Call Connector software

- phones going to "deceased" mode

- Call Connector software freezing up

- cannot map side car buttons using CCA

- tech support

- using beta versions to solve specific problems

I have this problem too.
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Anna Tsukerman Mon, 09/27/2010 - 16:28

Can you please provide some more details around each of your points? Also, is there a TAC case for these issues?

Thank you,


Arturo Bianchi Mon, 09/27/2010 - 23:47

The CCA is generally slow, the goal of accelerating the deployment can not be reached because, for example, going from one menu to another takes a long time just to read the configuration that maybe has not changed... Determined that it is necessary to use the CLI to go further, often the CCA does not work anymore (goes in loop on reading the configuration), even if they were not made obvious configuration changes. Obviously we do not use PC performance, for example, I, I use a MSI U100, and with this there is also a display issue as well as speed!

Configuration lines like this make me worry about the stability of the software and leave the suspicion that the same CCA mess your configuration:

banner login ^Cbanner login ^Cisco Configuration Assistant. Version: 2.2 (5). Sat Aug 28 14:21:14 CEST 2010^^C

The team is concerned that the partners use the CLI, some partners hope that you do not remove the CLI as announced and that the version 3 of CCA is definitely better.

Anna good job,
I invite you just to look at ASDM and see if any solution adopted by the team at ASDM can be introduced in the CCA (with the same hardware I have the distinct feeling that it is more powerful)... If you allow me a joke: "I would not wait for the version 6.x" .

A few words about the CLI: I have not yet understood in terms which means 'suppress' but for some controls on remote sites I find it absolutely indispensable. Our fault if we ruin the configuration, maybe the wily CCA if shows any abnormality in the configuration rather than staying in a mysterious loop to read the same. or so you avoid having to occasionally return to factory configuration of the CCA because it stops working!

I wanted to make a contribution but then the conversation turned into a rant, sorry, I understand the effort!



Arturo Bianchi Fri, 10/08/2010 - 01:23


I expected some comment from the CCA Team about the fact that the CCA under certain conditions, puts in the 'banner login' again the word 'banner login' ... I found this odd, but apparently it is normal



Steven DiStefano Fri, 10/08/2010 - 04:43


The fact that you have come to 'expect' comments makes us feel good :-). I am happy you ask questions.

There is a temporary recall of UC560 SWP 8.0.4 since the CUE in it is creating voice quality issues for some Partners after some longevity, hence the preventative measure of reboot of CUE. After 18 cases quickly got filed, we narrowed down the impact by removing it.

It will appear again, and Partners should still upgrade the IOS/CME to the 8.0.4 level, just not CUE 8.0.2 on UC560 yet.

Steve DiStefano

Technical Solutions Architect - Partner Sales, USA

Cisco Systems

7025 Kit Creek Road

Research Triangle Park

North Carolina, 27709


[email protected]. com

stacy.thompson Tue, 09/28/2010 - 08:23

You are certainly not alone. We have had the same experiences in the field. Especially surrounding the UC560 and UC540.

We have a 4 site UC560 in place since July, but continue to have massive issues. We're stuck in a position of upgrading IOS before the pack release, then upgrading firmware upon the pack release, and now the 8.0.4 pack appears to be recalled? I got a Cisco alert telling me the pack is obsolete. So now my customer is having call failures and CUE reboots at each location... Normally I might have upgraded CUE from the pack ( I hadn't yet because the clumsy upgrade/pack release process doesn't tend time out well with when we run in to issues)  but now I am concerned because the 8.0.4 pack is no longer available for the UC560.  So now what? - I am sure I will pull logs and open a STAC case and it will take an excessive amount of time to reach resolution...and we cannot bill the client for this. We're already at risk of them leaving us.



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