Jittery Ticker Text in Digital Signs

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Sep 27th, 2010
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Hi Tomas,

I have problem creating an DMD  presentation with ticker text that doesn't jitter when played through  the DMP onto the TV!  I create & devide the presentations into one  area for video(or webpage), one area for JPEG playlist and on the bottom  I usualy put a ticker text consisted from 10-15 words.

1. How to optimize the presenations, where do I go wrong? I've been  thinking now to transfer the presentation to the DMP and try if that  helps.

2. I was looking for a solution with "Modular Web  Design i.e. Flash or web pages that contain variables which refer to  external text or XML files, where constantly-changing data can be easily  changed" which i found in the PDF "Content Creation Best Practice  Guide.pdf". Do you have a flash template that You can share, with  external XML file for the ticker text?

3. Other thing I  am tring to solve(workaround), is using cyrilic ticker text with  Digital Signs. I was hoping that using Flash and external XML file would  help this. I'm I correct? Can you give my some pointers and/or  documenation?

4. Is it possible to see in DMM or DMD how much one  presentations created in DMD is big in MBytes without calculating  manualy the amount of assetes that are used?

5. If a Digital Sign display shuts down for whatever reason, can the DMP detect this event and send an e-mail notification?

We have DMS 5.2 and 4400G and 4305 in our offices for testing purposes.

Thank you,


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Tomas De Leon Tue, 09/28/2010 - 08:43
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  • Cisco Employee,


First thing to mention from your comments is that

you may want to upgrade your DMPs to 5.2.1 for

testing.  After the upgrade see if you see any


Also, another thing to look at, is the content itself

and what are the animations, transitions, length, etc...

with the flash assets in particular.

Dividing the screen into zones and have content

like Video (flash or mpeg2), Playlist of jpeg items, and

RSS ticker motion & effects will stress the CPU and

effect the performance of the DMP.  The DMP-4400 has

better CPU performance and should be used with these

types of presentations.

To find out the limits of you your presentations and

what delivers the optimal or desired performance for your

digital signs, you may need to go thru a trial & effect

testing to find out what assets are effecting you performance

and test alternatives for increased performance.

For example,

* Create  your three zones

* Configure the Ticker ONLY first.

* Deploy prezo to DMP

* Does the Ticker play as expected?  Yes

* Add Jpeg playlist with One JPEG file

* Deploy prezo to DMP

* Does the Ticker & JPEG playslist play as expected?  Yes

* Add remaining Jpeg content to playlist

* Deploy prezo to DMP

* Does the Ticker & JPEG playslist play as expected?  Yes

* Add a Single Flash or MPEG2 file to Video Playlist

* Deploy prezo to DMP

* Does the Ticker, JPEG, & Video playslist play as expected?  Yes

* Add remaining Flash or MPEG2 content to video playlist

* Deploy prezo to DMP

* Does the Ticker, JPEG, & Video playslist play as expected?  Yes

At any point you answer NO to the "play as expected" question, you will

need to evaluate the content that adversely effected the performance

of the presentation and look at alternatives to help the performance...

Deploying the prezo & content locally and enabling local caching may

help performance also..

In regards to item #5, there is notification for a down or loss of connectivity to

a DMP but not the display.  I believe this is something that is being looked

at but not available at this time.



Tiberie Kirijas Tue, 09/28/2010 - 09:21
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Hi Tomas,

Thank you for the prompt reply!

Will go with your suggestion and later try even with upgrade to 5.2.1.

By the way, can you answer question #2,#3 and #4 ?

Many thanks,


Tomas De Leon Tue, 09/28/2010 - 10:34
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  • Cisco Employee,

In regards to using Flash as Ticker accessing and xml.  The solution

may work but you are adding another Flash animation which "could potentially"

cause more performance issues with CPU usage.  This is an unknown factor

until you run a test to see.  I do not have any samples on this type of content.

In Regards to the DMD prezo size, there is no way to see the size on the DMM

or the DMD, but you can deploy (file transfer) to a DMP or external USB\CIFS

share (USB2) and then see the actual size of all of the files.



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