2106, ap 1121G and old client chipsets problem

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I installed and configured waln controller 2106 with 2 1121G access points.

All looks OK, but there are problems with clients with old and cheap chipsets.

I have ralink 61 in my desktop and I can connect even to open WLAN only sometimes, but with zd1211rw all works OK.

btw, I run Linux.

The same problem has my colleague - notebook with Atheros chip has the same behavior as my desktop with ralink.

But the same notebook works ok with zd1211. btw, this notebook runs windows.

Desktop with intel chipset and windows works OK.

But all mentioned cards works OK with cheap SOHO Asus router.

Where is problem? How can I solve it?

Thank you!

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First, I have to apologize - looks like problem is not in cisco software.

When I played with  autonomous 1121G I found that there is option "Set Single Guest Mode SSID", and if I remove it then my computer can't connect to 1121G, this mean that ralink rt61 doesn't send ssid correctly.

Problem is that I need to provide guest access to wi-fi, so there can be almost every type of adapters.

Is there such (Set Single Guest Mode SSID) option for 2106?


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