UCCE: Pre-IVR Notification to Inbound Agents before Connecting to Customer

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Sep 28th, 2010
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Hi folks!

We are using ICM 7.2 with CVP as the routing agent.

Today I got a requirement from my customer which I need to think for possibilities and possibly the implementation and so I need your help!

They want to use the same skill group against two different dialed-numbers, like for the DN 1234 (toll charged) and for the DN 6789 (toll free). The PSTN switch is forwarding those calls to the call center for both cases, no issue there for configuration.

The requirement is, the call agents have to get visual or audio notification for the type of customer he is getting the calls. The CTI Toolkit is giving the information on the field 'Dialed Number' but we are using a third-party interface where the CTI Toolkit is integrated via SDK and we dont have any option to work with that.

So I have only two options to give the agent notification:

1. Redesign the integration of the third-party agent desktop interface to retrieve the Dialed Number field and show accordingly,

2. To give a audio notification to the agents (like: the spelling "call from 1234" or "call from 6789") before he's connecting with the call. After he has listened the media he would be connected to the customer so that he can treat the customer accordingly.

I know, the option#1 would be the best option but it might need the commertial  involvement which the company is not interested with right now. But I dont know how to work with option#2, any idea please?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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What version of CVP?

option 2: commonly known as "whisper". It's an old idea that was common with TDM ACDs prior to CTI. It worked well back then, because they completely controlled the call and there was no CTI,  but it's not that suited to ICM/CVP and it is not very "modern". It is possible though - Cisco provided some information on this at Networkers in 2007. I would not go there myself.

option 1: what about call variables? Is your custom desktop solution displaying call variables? If so, change the scripting to set a call variable according to the DN. Then this will be seen when the call is delivered (typically called the "screen pop" - even when nothing actually  pops up; industry buzzwords).



Md. Mijanur Rahman Wed, 09/29/2010 - 05:49
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Hey Sir,

Nice to hear back from you.

We are still using the old CVP 3.1.

for Option#1: We dont have any visibility of the PVs on the custom interface, only ANI is there which is using to fetch customer info from DB

for Option#2: We currently want to deploy this for temporary basis on the interim time the CTI vendor modify their desktop interface.

But, how to do that? Call are directly landing to queue to skill group, I can't find any option to set media to agents.


Mijanur Rahman

david.macias Wed, 09/29/2010 - 05:58
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This just occured to me, it's not pretty, but relatively simple.  Since all your agents get to see is the ANI, how about adding some identifier to the front of the ANI?  A call to DNIS XXXX will have an ANI of XX12345 and a call to DNIS YYYY will have an ANI of YY54321.


Md. Mijanur Rahman Wed, 09/29/2010 - 07:17
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Hi David,

Thanks for your idea, but the desktop interface (oracle API) fetches customers data from the DB based on the ANI provided on CTI Toolkit. The application will fail to fetch data if we tweak the ANI.

Edward Umansky Thu, 09/30/2010 - 14:33
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You can have agents logged into both the current toolkit integration and a standard CTIOS desktop at the same time. Both desktops will receive the same events. You could then receive call variables via the standard CTIOS desktop while continuing to use your current customized solution. The caveat is each agent will count as two with respect to system sizing and licensing.

Md. Mijanur Rahman Mon, 10/04/2010 - 05:13
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Hey bro,

Yes I can do that and I have already tested that, but it will need double login for the agents, even the agents has lots of windows open to do when the customer is on, they dont want to add another!

Anyway, this is the only workaround I can proceed with. Thanks!

Kris Lambrechts Wed, 10/20/2010 - 11:51
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You could take advantage of the difference in the OnNet and OffNet alerting tones on the agent phones. You would set-up two completely different 'callflows' for your internal and external calls, i.e. by prepending them with different CVP signaling digits or having them come in from different CVP servers into CUCM. The end goal being that they would enter CUCM through two different SIP / H.323 trunks, one with an OnNet, the other with an OffNet call classification. I believe the phone will play a slightly different alerting tone based on this classification.

Obviously you just have '2 variations', like toll-free or not. And it won't do much good if they are doing immediate auto answer, I don't see any other realistic options to get this working. 'Whisper' style announcements to the agents are possible in theory, but as Geoff mentioned, are extremely difficult to implement in the current CVP releases.




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