spa9000 connecting to spa400

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i have a SPA9000 phone system connected to 2 spa400's for PSTN connections with 7 WIP310 wifi phones connected to it

i have 7 lines connected to the spa400's when i call them they ring each one individually like they are supposed to. problem is on 3 on them when i goto answer the call on 2 of them there is no audio either direction but calls stop ringing so it acts like it is connected i tried different phone no change i moved phone line to different port on spa400(one that was working) and it works fine so it seems to be something in spa400 port.

Also on the 3rd port i am having trouble with when you call it on the wip310 shows connected but on the caller end it keeps ringing.i move this to different port as well and when change it works fine so all my problems seem to go back to ports on the spa400's. Odd thing is 2 trouble ports on one unit. other trouble on the second unit.

Any advise please


I have this problem too.
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