CNA support for 3750?

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mdeprete Tue, 10/05/2010 - 04:32

Hi John,

Support for the 3750X should be coming in 5.6 (I don't know of any release date yet).



rcoote5902_2 Tue, 10/19/2010 - 15:14

I just discovered this myself. 

I have a skid of 40 new 2960S, 3560X and 3750X switches and none of them are compatible with CNA 5.5.

Please hurry with 5.6!!!

Yes this is a problem, same for support on the new ISR G2 routers...  I bought all of the latest products in hopes of getting this company up to date and ready for the future and now have to tell management we have to purchase or use different applications or create training for CLI for backup admins because these tools do no work.  My stance for Cisco is losing to Juniper more and more which as an admin I do not want to migrate, but don't have much to fight back with lately...


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