Contact Centre Enterprise and CUWL

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Sep 28th, 2010
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I've been looking at the new CUWL licensing model we're currenty on CUCM 5 and moving to 7.1.5.

I know 7.1.5 uses the new model, we're looking at replacing an avaya contact centre installation with Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise.

Question being is Contact Centre Enterprise covered under CUWL Professional user edition, I know from looking around that Contact Centre Express is covered in the license but just wondering if Enterprise is included too.

If not is there a separate licensing model for CCE?


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hiteshpa Mon, 10/04/2010 - 08:47
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h Unified CCE system for voice applications requires the purchase of one (1) Unified CCE Server License (whether the Unified CCE system is deployed on one or multiple servers). A single system is defined a (redundant) router/logger.

The Unified CCE Server license entitles the user to deploy all of the necessary components required for Unified CCE voice deployments, specifically:

● Redundant Router
● Redundant Logger
● Redundant Unified Communications Manager Peripheral Gateway(s)
● Redundant IVR Peripheral Gateway(s) for connection to Cisco IVR systems (i.e. CVP and Unified IP IVR). Note: Non-Cisco IVRs require Third part IVR port licenses.
● Redundant Unified CCE System Peripheral Gateway
● Administrative Workstation(s)
● Historical Database server(s)
● WebView server and WebView User Connections
● Internet Script Editor (ISE) Server and ISE User Connections
● Application Gateway
● NICs (AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Stentor, INAP NIC for Cisco PGW softswitch1, CRSP2, GKTMP)3
● Redundant CTI Server for third-party CTI connections (Note: Only for non-agent desktop application)
● Network Transfer
● Remote Silent Monitor software. Note that in order to deploy this feature additional Device License Units (DLUs) licenses are required on the Unified Communications Manager, as RSM connects to UCM as a bank of 7941 phones, one for each simultaneous monitoring session.

● Agent Desktop license (depending on which desktop is being deployed, Cisco Agent Desktop or CTI OS)

Hope this helps,



liam_mcd78 Tue, 10/05/2010 - 21:21
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Hi Hitesh,

thanks that answers one half of the question, I understand from your post you need a server licence to roll out the features.

However do you need to purchase user licenses in order to have phones (users) in the system for call control etc...


Yes. The last line of the post by Hitesh specified this:

  • Agent Desktop license (depending on which desktop is being deployed, Cisco Agent Desktop or CTI OS)

Each agent requires a licence. The number of licences you buy sets the number of concurrently logged in agents you can have. Once that number is logged in, the next attempt to log in will get a message that there are no remaining licences.

You can configure as many agents as you like,




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