no notification with interlaced pickup groups

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Sep 28th, 2010

I have the following Problem with the call pickup notification: I'll get no notification on the display if a Phone is in more than one pickup group and it rings not in the primary group.

Some background infos:

CUCM 7.1.3

Phones: 7965

Softkey: otherPickup

Partition for Phones: P_Phones

Patition for Pickupgroups: <NONE>

all ext. are on the primary line

notification is turned on in all pickup groups

time is 1 sec

Following scenario:

call pickup group A: (ext.) 4711, 4712, 4713

call pickup group B: (ext.) 4721, 4722, 4723

call pickup group C: (ext.) 4731, 4732, 4733

Group A can pickup from A,B,C

Group B can pickup from B,A

Group C can pickup only in C

Some examples:

1.) Any internal Phone eg. 4700 call the ext.: 4722 -> all Phones in group B get the notification on the display and can use the "otherPickup" Softkey

phones in group A get no notification but can use the Softkey to pickup the call.

2.) any internal Phone eg. 4700 call the ext.: 4731 -> all Phones in group C get the notification on the display and can pickup the call. Group A get no notification but can also pickup the call.

3.) any internal Phone eg. 4700 call the ext.: 4711 -> all Phones in  group A get the notification on the display and can pickup the call.  Group B get no notification but can also pickup the call.

Summary: oPickUp works fine in all groups; notification only happens within the called group but not to an other group where the called group is not the primary group.

Currently i have found no Bug-id that hit my scenario. Bug's with "no notification" (single group) in older cucm versions use a workarround where they set the pickup group to the none partition.

Until now i did not tested to change the order of the interlaced pickup groups... eg. for group A: B,A,C

I don't think this will help to solve my Problem but anyway i'll try it

Is there any known limitation about notification and more than one pickup group?

thanks & br

I have this problem too.
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jaschulz Tue, 09/28/2010 - 22:53

Hello Franz,

You will need to use

Group call pickup which allows users to pick up incoming calls in another group. 
User must dial the
appropriate call pickup group number when activating this feature from a Cisco
Unified IP
Phone. Use the GPickup softkey for this type of call pickup.

When you use  the OPickup softkey- the priority of answering calls for the
associated group goes
from the first associated group to the last associated group. For example,
groups A, B, and C
associate with group X, and the priority of answering calls goes to group A, B,
and then C.

Hope I understood what you are trying to do correctly.

rob.huffman Wed, 09/29/2010 - 05:44

Hi Franz,

Sadly, Pickup Notification only works for member phones within the

Pickup group. Here is how the wording read when the feature was first

introduced in CCM 4.2.x

Call Pickup Notification

This new feature allows users to receive an audio and/or visual alert when a call rings on a phone in pickup groups in which they are a member. For multiple line phones, the alert is available for pickup groups associated with the primary line only.

Here is how the feature notes read nowadays Which isn't quite as clearly stated;

Call Pickup Notification

The Call Pickup Notification feature provides an audio or visual, or both, notification on Cisco Unified IP Phones when other members of a pickup group receive a call.




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