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Sep 28th, 2010


On CUCM 7.1, CSS level 1 users have been given access to System and Emergency partitions and the route filters/patterns have been set up so that Level 1 users can make only internal calls, but the Level 1 users are able to make calls to Mobiles, which is defined in a totally different partion for access to Level 4 users and above.Is there any change to be done at the device level/ line level on the IP phone to give access to only Internal calls for Level 1 uesrs?

Kindly advise.

Thanks and Regards.

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Aaron Harrison Wed, 09/29/2010 - 00:37


There are several CSSs that need to be taken into account:

Device CSS

Line CSS (either the line CSS of the device's line, or the line CSS on the device profile if you are using EM).

Try checking each of these with DNA (http://publisher/dna, if you have enabled the service in service activation).

One of those CSSs must include a route pattern that permits the access, or a translation pattern that permits it by translating to a CSS which includes a route pattern.



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mohankumarm Wed, 09/29/2010 - 02:43

Hi Aaron,

Thanks very much indeed.

There was a line CSS (on the device line) configured for the device not matching the device CSS and correct me if i am wrong ...the line CSS takes precedence..right? The block partitions created for the Mobile phones were missing  for this line CSS  and i have included the block partitions and i noticed that this CSS was included in a translation pattern. I will get this tested and check.

Thanks very much for your help and i will check this on DNA soon.



Aaron Harrison Wed, 09/29/2010 - 04:35


It's very much worth reading the dial plan section of the SRND to get a good grip on CSSs and partitions. It's quite simple, but can be made complex.

The list of partitions in the line and device CSSs are concatenated, and the block/deny decision is based on a longest match of the various patterns in the concatenated list of partitions. So a permit on either CSS will permit the call, unless there is an equal or longer-length deny pattern to match it.



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mohankumarm Wed, 09/29/2010 - 05:54

Hi Aaron,

The partitions, CSS, Tx rules, Route  Patterns etc were implemented on this new SRST site by copying a similar  solution created for other SRST sites.       I will read the SRND for  Version 7.1 especially on the partitions /CSS and i would like to also build some kind of a template/table so that it becomes easy to troubleshoot or add any new features. Please advise if you have design template available for Version 7.0/8.0 CUCM.

Thanks again very much for your quick response.




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