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Oct 1st, 2010

We just transitioned one of our customers to a CUCM Business Edition 7.1 solution.  One of the features the previous phone system had was the ability to press a button and transfer a call to someone else's voicemail.

As an example, a call comes in and the attendant answers.  They ask for person X.  The attendant replies saying that person is busy and offers to transfer the party directly to X's voicemail.

My solution for this was to setup DN *XXXX which strips off the *, calls the VM pilot and dials XXXX.  So, in this example, the attendant would press the Transfer softkey, dial *XXXX and hang up.

The previous phone system had a voicemail button where once on a call, you would press the button, then dial X's extension and hang up.  This method also prevents the beginning of the voicemail greeting from being cut off while the transfer takes place (which happens in my method).

So, any suggestions on how I can duplicate this functionality in CUCM?

FYI this is CUCM 7.1 and Unity Connection 7.1 together in Business Edition.



I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Fri, 10/01/2010 - 10:54

Hi Jeff,

The behavior of "clipping" the start of the user Greeting should

be fixed in your version I just tested this on our UC 7.1(3b)su2

system and the Transfer via *xxxx method and the greeting being played back to

the original caller starts over at the begining.

It was a Bug in earlier versions;

CSCsm67316 Bug Details

The greeting doesn't start over when callers transferred to VM box


Whena call is transferred to VM the greeting doesn't start over. Insteadthe greeting keeps playing and the greeting is heard mid stream afterthe transfer.


Normaloperation, either transfer via a CTI route point where the operator cantransfer to VM extension *XXXX, or can be transfered to VM via themessages softkey.


Unity Connection can be configured to inject a delay before playing the greeting. On the ports page in the system administration tool, change the setting "Delay After Answer" to a suitable value. We admit this is not a great solution, since this delay will affect every call, not just transfers, and the timing needs to be chosen just right.

Further Problem Description:

Observed behavior in CUCMBE-

1. PSTN caller dials the main company number.

2. Company's operator answers the call.

3. PSTN callers asks the operator to transfer his call directly to a person's voice mail.

4a. Operator hits the "transfer" softkey (the PSTN caller is now on hold).

4b. Operator dials * plus the extension number.

4c. The person's greeting starts to play immediately.

4d. The operator hits the "transfer" softkey again, to complete the call transfer.

5. The PSTN caller hears the person's greeting truncated, not from the beginning but from

the point where it was when the operator hit "transfer" the second time.

Fix implementation for Connection 7.0 and 2.x:

ForConnection 7.0, entire prompt stream will restart when either thedestination IP address changes or the destination CODEC changes. Sameas Unity restart prompt behavior.

ForConnection 2.x, only the currently playing prompt will be restarted. Sousers must have a recorded greeting in place in order to get the fullbenefits of the restart prompt feature. If no personal greeting isconfigured (default greeting), then prompt restart will most likelyhappen during the part of the default prompt that says ".. Is notavailable...". The prompt "extension xxxx" won't be heard since it's atthe top of the prompt list.

1st Found-In








Related Bug Information  Transfer directly to greeting, greeting gets cut off.

Symptom:When transferring messages the recording starts before the secondtransfer is hit, I need help to configure this so that the the Greetingmessage doesn't start until the message had actually been transferredthe second time. Conditions: When transferring messages the recordingstarts before the second transfer is hit, I need help to configure thisso that the the Greeting message doesn't start until the message hadactually been transferred the second time. Workaround: In the SA, go toTelephony and bring up the port group page, then from the Edit menuchoose the advanced settings. The setting you want is "Delay BeforeOpening Greeting". The bad news is that this value will apply to allcalls, not just transfers. So pick the minimum value that works foryou.

Unity Connection Administration >

Telephony Integrations >

Port Group >


Edit >

Advanced Settings >

Delay After Answer = 2000 milliseconds (set to 0 by default) > Save



Mario Garcia Thu, 05/05/2011 - 21:39

Hi Jeff,

Can you provide me with a little more detail as to how you setup the DN? 

It looks like the IPMA is not an option for us.




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