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Oct 1st, 2010

I just inherited a small WAN,, been a while since I tackled QOS, can some eye the config below and see if it makes sense?

My main puzzle is why the admin re-applied dscp af31 when building the policy map

Thanks !!!

class-map match-any priority2
match ip dscp af21
match protocol smtp
match protocol ftp
match  dscp cs2
match  dscp af11
class-map match-any priority1
match ip dscp af31
match  dscp cs6
match access-group 199
class-map match-any voice
match access-group 198
policy-map ATT-WANQOS
class voice
  priority percent 80
class priority1
  bandwidth remaining percent 80
  set ip dscp af31
class priority2
  bandwidth remaining percent 10
  set ip dscp af21
class class-default

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Jon Marshall Fri, 10/01/2010 - 11:30

I'm asssuming he did it beause he wanted all traffic that matched priority1 to leave this device marked as dscp af31 so that further down the line he can simply prioritise on that marking without also having to prioritise on dcsp cs6 and whatever matches access-list 199. So the QOS config on any other devices further down the line can simply be applied to dscp af31 for priority1 traffic.



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