RVL200 not unloading previous tunnels

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Oct 2nd, 2010
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I have been using an RVL200 with firmware under Windows 2000 IE6 for several month now.

No problems...  I recently just crashed and now I can not get a tunnel to come up.  I can connect

just fine, but when I click to get the tunnel built, nothing is downloaded and I get a pop up error

indicating that the page is looking for a tunnel class (XTunnel1) which does not exist.  The error

is as follows:

     Line:     40

     Char:     1

     Error:     Object required: 'XTunnel1'

     Code:     0

     URL:     http://aa.bb.cc.dd/portal_install.htm

I believe that if I get rid of the remnants of old tunnels, that the new one will download.  I have gone

through the machine and deleted the appropriate files in WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files,

drivers, xtunnel.*, ssldrv.*, MLWebCacheCleaner.*, etc.

How do I either FORCE a download or completely clean out previous tunnels?  There are artificats

in the registry for virtual passage, but I don't really want to go through snipping things.  Again,

this has all worked fine for MONTH's.  So I don't need to change any security settings in the

brower (although I did obviously double check this)

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businessuser Sun, 10/03/2010 - 20:05
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I came up with a workaround for the problem.  On a lark, I installed

Firefox and am using that.  It works fine, although I would hazard

that it might be using more memory than IE as it forks a

VirtualPassagExe excutable under a Java process that I don't recall

seeing before (not that I paid close attention to this)

I had hoped that getting the virtual tunnel to work once might somehow

clean out the 'gunk' (?) from the previous interruption of Internet


But only Firefox works now; I still can't get anywhere with IE.  Not

sure what this information means.  Windows 2000 is clearly not the

problem (particularly since it has worked for at least two years).

And I guess we can rule out IP stack and the 'Dial Up' connections.

Dunno where else to head to clean out the junk.  I have definately

removed all the files as per Cisco directions, but obviously there

must still be some sort of artifact some place.

"C:\WINNT\Downloaded Program Files" comes to mind, but this is kind of

a 'funny' directory.  If you connect to it with cmd.exe and do a dir,

you get a different listing than what the Windows Explorer shows you.

Perhaps it's gotten corrupted, somehow.

I guess if Firefox breaks that I could move on to Opera.  And then

Safari.  Just kidding...


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