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IP route-cache flow on ATM IMA interfaces

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Oct 21st, 2010
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Hello All,

I have a query , we have enabled ip route cache flow on the main ATM IMA interface and we have few subinterfaces configured in it.While looking at the output of ip cache flow I see the source IP add & source interfaces to be different i.e. in the below example is a subnet which resides behind AT0/IMA0.75 but I see this subnet as a source / destination IP through a different sub-interfaces.As per the network setup there is no other link for the other sub-interfaces to reach the mentioned subnet.

below is one sample output , we see lot of traffic as highlighted below

AT0/IMA0.776   Gi0/0.1     06 047D 0882     1 - In this example the mentioned IP should not reflect the source interface as Ima.776 rather it should b only IMA.75 as below.

AT0/IMA0.75   Gi0/0.1     06 047D 0887     1 - this is right information
AT0/IMA0.779    AT0/IMA0.75   06 0CF6 0050  1 - this is right inforamtion 


interface ATM0/IMA0
no ip address
ip route-cache flow
logging event subif-link-status
load-interval 30
ima clock-mode common 0
ima differential-delay-maximum 150
atm vc-per-vp 1024
no atm ilmi-keepalive

we have these many subinterfaces.ATM0/IMA0.75 is the connection to hub site and the rest are the spoke sites connecting to this router lastly this router is the only transit to reach the hub router.







No routing issues as the route table looks completly good.

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