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Nov 6th, 2010

Are there SNMP OID equivalents to the Status, Vlan and Type columns of "show interface status"?

What about "show etherchannel summary" and "show lacp internal"?

cat6513#show interface status

Port      Name               Status       Vlan       Duplex  Speed Type
Gi1/1     TEST_1             connected    trunk        full   1000 1000BaseSX
Gi1/2                        disabled     1            auto   1000 No Gbic
Gi2/1     TEST_2             notconnect   2            auto   1000 1000BaseSX
Gi2/2     TEST_3             connected    trunk        full   1000 1000BaseSX
Gi2/3     TEST_4             disabled     111          auto   1000 No Gbic
Gi2/4     TEST_5             connected    trunk        full   1000 1000BaseSX
Gi2/5     TEST_6             connected    111          full   1000 1000BaseSX
Gi2/6     TEST_7             connected    trunk        full   1000 1000BaseSX
Gi3/1     TEST_8             errdisabled  2          a-full a-1000 10/100/1000-TX

cat6513# show etherchannel summary

Group  Port-channel  Protocol    Ports


40       Po40(SU)        LACP      Te5/4(P)      
41       Po41(SU)        LACP      Gi7/42(P)     
41       Po41A(SU)      LACP      Gi7/43(P)      Gi7/44(P)     
42       Po42(SU)        LACP      Gi7/40(P)     
42       Po42B(SU)      LACP      Gi7/41(P)     
43       Po43(SU)        LACP      Gi7/39(P)     

cat6513# show lacp internal


Channel group 40
                            LACP port     Admin     Oper    Port        Port
Port      Flags   State     Priority      Key       Key     Number      State
Te5/4     SA      bndl      32768         0x28      0x28    0x505       0x3D

Channel group 41
                            LACP port     Admin     Oper    Port        Port
Port      Flags   State     Priority      Key       Key     Number      State
Gi7/42    SA      bndl      32768         0x29      0x29    0x72B       0x3D 
Gi7/43    SA      bndl      32768         0x29      0x1029  0x72C       0x3D 
Gi7/44    SA      bndl      32768         0x29      0x1029  0x72D       0x3D

I have this problem too.
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Joseph Clarke Sat, 11/06/2010 - 20:06

Well, you have a 6500, so depending on IOS, portOperStatus should give you the port status.  The VLAN can be found in vmVlan.  The port type can be found in portType (or from the entPhysicalTable in the ENTITY-MIB).

I don't have a switch with channels running LACP to confirm, but the SNMP support for LACP can be found in the IEEE8023-LAG-MIB and the CISCO-LAG-MIB.  I suggest you try walking those to see what you can glean regarding your port channels.

yjdabear Sat, 11/06/2010 - 23:24

Thanks for the vmVlan hint, Joe.

I had come across portOperStatus of the CISCO-STACK-MIB earlier, but it's a far cry from the varieties reported on CLI  (connected, notconnect, errdisabled, etc.):

1 : other
2 : ok
3 : minorFault
4 : majorFault

I'm not getting any portAdditionalOperStatus (23) entries here, so I suppose I'm SOL trying to mimic the CLI display of "errdisabled".

The entries under entPhysicalDescr looks equivalent to the CLI "Type". Is there any better way to map these back to specific ifIndex entries, similar to what portIfIndex (11) of CISCO-STACK-MIB provides, or is correlating via entPhysicalName (7) <=> ifName (1) the only option I have?

Joseph Clarke Sun, 11/07/2010 - 11:57

Sorry, I meant portAdditionalOperStatus.  If the CISCO-ERR-DISABLE-MIB is available in your platform, that would give you what you want (at least for err-disable).

Yes, you can use entPhysicalName together with ifName to get an ifIndex for your ports.


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