WRVS4400N dropping wireless clients

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Nov 11th, 2010

WRVS4400N with firmware version V2.0.0.8.

After about an hour it routinely drops wireless clients.  Wired clients are fine.

Re initiating a connection from the clients usually restores the connection fine.  Sometimes this is just doing something to force the client to use the connection for some active function other times it's forcing the client to renew it's DHCP address or power cycling the client.  The same experience is happening with a TioVo on WiFi, an iPhone on WiFi, and a WAP4410N in Client Bridge mode.

While this may not sound that bad, it's creating 2 huge issues that shouldn't occur.

First, the wireless clients that are dropped are not accessible from other clients on the network until they reestablish their connection.  For example, a TiVo connected over WiFi isn't accessible from the network until it reestablishes it's connection.  It works fine then for a hour or so.

Second, for the WAP4410N (firmware in Client Bridge mode, this client requires a power cycle to reconnect to the network.  In much less than an hour it stops responding to it's IP address for it's management page, but continues to pass traffic from the multiple wired items it's bridging.  Then, after about that same hour, it stops passing this traffic too.

I tried running the WAP4410N in WDS Bridge mode but was unable to get it to work.  For this testing, access to the management page was the test with no devices behind it.  So, it's possible that that access is what was broken and that it may have passed traffic.  No wireless clients need to connect to the WAP4410N, just the bridged wired clients.

I have this problem too.
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dvancaeyzeele77 Thu, 11/18/2010 - 06:10

I am having this exact same problem, same firmware. Clients include iphone wireless, and several different models of laptop. Very troublesome that I keep having to disable wireless connections and then re-enable them to get them to work again.

Anyone have any ideas?


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