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am not a computer expert. Have a Linksys E-3000 router and a WAP-4410N  which I wish to configure as a repeater to extend network coverage. E-3000 IP has been changed to How do I do it ? What do I connect to what in order to configure the WAP-4410N to new settings? It will of course be located remotely from the router. At this time network consists of a main PC and 2 wireless laptops. I have read the manual and sorry to see it doesn't answer the above described situation. Any help will be most appreciated. Many thanks,


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John Frankish Sat, 11/20/2010 - 07:38
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Did you check if the wap4410n can act as a repeater  for the e3000?

The reason I ask is that the e3000 is simultaneous dual band wireless-n and the wap4410n is not - even if the wap4410n will act as a repeater for the e3000, you will only get one of the wireless-n frequencies...

Hi, The truth is that I did not check but I saw a Linksys recommendation for such pairing. Can you please provide a simple procedure so I will at least start the procedure ? Do you suggest to go to Cisco support ? Should I check again with the Linksys people ? They are quite responsive.

The guide discusses only 3 option of configuration , 2 of them require a special switch and one of them wireless. Again, many thanks.


John Frankish Sat, 11/20/2010 - 09:19
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It's kind of hard to give too much advice without an e3000 to work with, but you could try:

1. Connect the wap4410n to the e3000 with a wired connection

2. Using the browser admin interface to the e3000, look up something like status/lan to see what ip address the wap4410n has - it might be and it might be something completely different.

3. Use the ip address found above for the wap4410n to connect to its browser admin interface and use the ap tab to set it up as a wds repeater. Note that you will need to enter the mac address of the e3000 wireless interface - don't mix this up with the mac address of the e3000 wired interface

It might be better to see if the above works without going any further into things...

Hi, John etc.,

For 3 weeks I am trying to configure my new WAP-4410N s/n ASK07J405763 as a wireless repeater to my new E-3000 router CVQ01K650222 with no success.

In order to configure the WAP I changed IP of a laptop LAN to , subnet and gateway to I disabled the wireless and connected the WAP by cable to the laptop. I was able to reach the configuration page of the WAP and made the following changes:

1.AP mode – WDS repeater and entered E-3000 data from a site survey.

2.Security. I matched it with the E-3000 one.

3.SSID – created a new one different from the router's one.

4.Changed IP to and gateway to (this is the IP of the E-3000).

After that I disconnected the WAP from the laptop, returned the LAN properties to default and activated the wireless.

I installed the WAP downstairs (the router is upstairs) . I detected it on my laptop but it could never obtain an IP from the router.

What do I do wrong ? Can someone help ? Unfortunately, CISCO doesn't reply or support me.

Many thanks,


John Frankish Sat, 12/11/2010 - 19:37
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Somewhere in the E3000 browser interface there should be a menu that shows the connected devices, does the wap4410n show up in the list?

If the wap4410n does show up in the list, it would make things easier if the wireless browser interface were enabled, this will allow you to access its browser interface without needing  a cable connection to it.

I am still fightimg the issue. My E-3000 started to behave strange wirelessly. It could not keep a stable connection. So, like many others I retuned to my old WRT-54GS which works great. I tried again to configure the WAP4410N (same way as before) with no sucess. I can configure it while it connected by wire to a laptop but I fail to do do it wireleslly. I am ready to give up.

John Frankish Sun, 12/19/2010 - 07:43
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I used a WRT54G together with a WAP54G to extend its range for years without problems - I'd suggest you try to pick up a WAP54G from e-bay or similar.

I only swapped to RVS4000 and 2ea WAP4410N as I needed wireless-n and gigabit internet and have had nothing but problems ever since...


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