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Not able to make call to tollfree number

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Nov 23rd, 2010
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Hi All,

In my office users are are not able to make a call to toll free number. It would be greate for me if some one suggest me to work it out.

thanks in advance for the help.


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William Bell Tue, 11/23/2010 - 21:34
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Could you provide more information on the symptoms observed when the call fails? Also, on your voice gateway can you do the following:

debug isdn q931

term mon

Place a call to a toll free number and then post the output here.  If you do not see output on the voice gateway,

If you are using Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) then you may also want to load the DNA tool. Whether you have access to this tool will be determined by the version of CUCM you have. You could try: https://

I am assuming that you have confirmed local, long distance, and international (if applicable) calls are functioning as normal.



ateeqs.net Tue, 11/23/2010 - 23:07
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Hi Bell,

thanks for the reply,

We dont have any problem with local, long distance, and international calls, these are functioning normal.

Please see my DNA analysis output below, help would be great appriciated.

  • Results Summary
    • Calling Party  Information
      • Calling Party = 12100
      • Partition =
      • Device CSS =
      • Line CSS = CSS-Arc-Device
      • AAR Group Name =
      • AAR CSS =
    • Dialed Digits = 08001112453
    • Match Result = RouteThisPattern
    • Matched  Pattern Information
      • Pattern = 0.800XXXXXXX
      • Partition = PS-Arc-PSTN
      • Time Schedule =
    • Called Party Number =  08001112453
    • Time Zone = Greenwich Standard Time
    • End Device = Arc-PSTN-local-RL
    • Call Classification = OffNet
    • InterDigit Timeout = NO
    • Device Override = Disabled
    • Outside Dial Tone = NO
  • Call Flow
    • Route Pattern :Pattern= 0.800XXXXXXX 
      • Positional Match List =  0:8001112453
      • DialPlan =
      • Route Filter
        • Filter Name =
        • Filter Clause =
      • Require Forced  Authorization Code = No
      • Authorization Level = 0
      • Require Client Matter  Code = No
      • Call Classification =
      • PreTransform Calling Party  Number = 12100
      • PreTransform Called Party  Number = 08001112453
      • Calling Party Transformations
        • External Phone Number  Mask = NO
        • Calling Party Mask =
        • Prefix =
        • CallingLineId  Presentation = Default
        • CallingName Presentation =  Default
        • Calling Party Number = 12100
      • ConnectedParty Transformations
        • ConnectedLineId  Presentation = Default
        • ConnectedName  Presentation = Default
      • Called Party Transformations
        • Called Party Mask =
        • Discard Digits  Instruction = None
        • Prefix =
        • Called Number = 08001112453
    • Route List :Route List Name= Arc-PSTN-local-RL 
      • RouteGroup :RouteGroup Name= GW1 
        • PreTransform Calling Party  Number = 12100
        • PreTransform Called Party  Number = 08001112453
        • Calling Party Transformations
          • External Phone Number  Mask = On
          • Calling Party Mask =
          • Prefix =
          • Calling Party Number = 12100
        • Called Party Transformations
          • Called Party Mask =
          • Discard Digits  Instructions = PreDot
          • Prefix =
          • Called Number = 8001112453
        • Device :Type= H323Gateway 
          • End Device Name = XX.XX.XXX.X
          • PortNumber = 0
          • Device Status = UnKnown
          • AAR Group Name =
          • AAR Calling Search Space =
          • AAR Prefix Digits =
          • Inbound Fast Start = Disabled
          • Outbound Fast Start = Disabled
          • Call Classification = OffNet
          • Tunneled Protocol = None
          • Calling Party Transformations
            • PreTransform Calling Party  Number = 12100
            • Calling Party Selection =  Originator
            • Calling Party  Presentation = Default
            • CallerID DN =
            • Calling Party Number = 12100
  • Alternate  Matches
    • Note: Information Not Available


nitsinha Tue, 11/23/2010 - 23:21
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Hi Ateeq,

I saw from the DNA output that you are using H.323 gateway.

What type of ports(T1,E1,FXO) are you using to connect to your Telco?

What dial-peer are you using on your H.323 gateway to route this toll-free number?



nitsinha Tue, 11/23/2010 - 23:13
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Hi Ateeq,

I just wanted some clarifications from your end for a better insight into this problem.

1) Which signalling protocol(MGCP,H.323) are you using between your gateway and CUCM?

2) What type of line(FXO,T1,E1etc.) connects your gateway to the PSTN?

3) Which version of CUCM are you using?

This may sound silly but i hope the route patterns for calling the tollfree number has been configured correctly on the CUCM and i am assuming that those patterns are ultimately pointing to the gateway through which you want the call to be sent out to the PSTN.(Assuming you are using an appliance model of CUCM,you can do a DNA and check whether the call is being routed to the correct gateway).

Check the section "Simple Analysis by using the Analyzer Window" in this doc for help on DNA




Thomas Dominic Wed, 11/24/2010 - 00:27
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Hi Ateeq,

In the DNA analysis you posted all seem fine on the Call manager side. But interstingly I noticed that the "Calling party number" you are sending is 12100,  is your Telco(PSTN) expecting a 5 digit number as the calling party number???

Easisest way to check this woul be to do a DNA for a working call and then compare the  "Calling party number" from that!!!.

Also if you could tell what you where using to connect to the Telco, I could then tell you what debus to run on the Gateway so that we could go ahead and troubleshoot that




ateeqs.net Wed, 11/24/2010 - 00:51
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Dear All,

Thanks a ton for yours valuable & quick reply,

While debuging i found that cucm is not routing call to correct route pattern, it was routing to one of local 8 digit router pattern. i dont know why and i could not found any solution.

i feel this would be weird thigs, I deleted the local 8 digit route pattern and recreated, hurrrrreeeee found toll free call are working fine.

One again thank you soo much to all for help.



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