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Nov 25th, 2010
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Is there a recommended configuration for setting up a wap4410n as an ap?

The reason I ask is that I have an rvs4000 with a wap4410n as ap and a second wap4410n as wds repeater and it seem I have to reboot one or more of them every couple of days due to various users being unable to connect wirelessly or being able to connect wirelessly, but with no Internet access.

Starting with a reboot to facory default, the rvs4000 gave the wap4410n ap an address of so I just left things like that. Similarly, the wap4410n wds repeater was given an address of, which I did not change.

Given there seems to be some kind of intermittent problem, would it be better to have the rvs4000 reserve an ip address for the two wap4410n? Note that I did try this, but after adding the two reserved ip addresses ( and clicking on "save", the rvs4000 rebooted and came back up without the two reserved addresses...

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John Frankish Thu, 11/25/2010 - 05:36
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Thanks, but the link just describes two options - using a static ip address and using an automatic ip address

What I'm looking for is what is Cisco's recomendation:

1. Use a static ip address for the wap4410n (ap) and wap4410n (wds repeater)

2. Let the rvs4000 assign an ip address automatically to the wap4410n (ap) and wap4410n (wds repeater)

3. Let the rvs4000 reserve ip addresses for the wap4410n (ap) and wap4410n (wds repeater)

John Frankish Mon, 11/29/2010 - 19:38
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At the moment, I'm using:

2. Let the rvs4000 assign an ip address automatically to the wap4410n (ap) and wap4410n (wds repeater)

What looks to be happening is that when the ip address lease expires to the wap4410n (ap)/wap4410n (wds repeater), it is not renewed properly (neither machine appear in the rvs4000 browser interface status tab/lan) and no new machines can connect wirelessly. Machines with an existing wireless connection do not seem to be affected by this.

After rebooting the wap4410n (ap)/wap4410n (wds repeater) it seems the ip address lease with the rvs4000 is renewed properly (with the same ip address as given previously) and things work again.

Ramkumar Jayase... Mon, 11/29/2010 - 22:44
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Hi John,

It is recommended that you assign a static IP address to the Access Point and the repeater. In case if the AP doesn't hold the IP address unless it reboots , try to upgrade the AP and see if it resolves the issue.



John Frankish Mon, 11/29/2010 - 23:38
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I can appreciate that the wap4410n (ap)/wap4410n (wds repeater) should be assigned static ip addresses, but it doesn't say that in the manual and the default configuration of the rvs4000 is to give a dynamic ip address and the default configuration of the wap4410n is to accept a dynamic ip address...

Both the wap4410n (ap)/wap4410n have the latest firmware and were reset to factory defaults after upgrading the firmware.

A couple of questions:

1. Is it OK to have the rvs4000 reserve ip addresses for the wap4410n (ap)/wap4410n (wds repeater) based on their mac addresses (for example 192.168.100/101)?

2. In 1, above, which mac address do I use for the wap4410n (wds repeater), the wireless one?

Note that the wap4410n (wds repeater) would not work as a wds repeater until I disconnected its wired connection to the rvs4000, enabled wireless browser admin and configured it wirelessly. Even after doing that the status tab shows both wired and wireless mac addresses to be associated with the same dynamic ip address...

wmcmurrian Tue, 11/30/2010 - 14:10
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1)  yes, you can reserve the IPs for the 4410N's by MAC of each device.  That works fine but why not just explicitly set the IP of each device to be static?  Take a troubleshooting step out of the loop.


Even after doing that the status tab shows both wired and wireless mac addresses to be associated with the same dynamic ip address...

My AP541N's do the same thing.  Same MAC and IP for both its own LAN and WLAN interfaces.  I assume that's because each device always either forwards from WLAN-LAN or stays in the airspace and skips the LAN altogether.

BTW, I'm also seriously disappointed in the lack of knowledgeable documentation and best practices for SBPro devices.  I have different devices than you, but same category.  Little to no advice on security settings, wireless radio settings, optimizing for speed or coverage, etc.  Little to no explanation of clustering/ WDS bridging and benefits/drawbacks.  Absolutely subpar speed and connection persistence. 

John Frankish Tue, 11/30/2010 - 22:37
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I just saw in another post that the problem of the wap4410n failing to renew the dhcp lease properly is a known issue and if the rvs4000 lease renewal time is set to less than 2 hours the problem goes away.

I'll try this solution first and see what happens.

mahesh_ntpc Mon, 12/27/2010 - 23:41
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Hi all,

I have 6 WPA4410N devices with the same SSID, sometime laptop's wireless automatic disconnecting even not reconnecting it manualy /automatic than i have to restart AP than it connect again. on all devices fireware have been updated but problem still same. with cisco support we have change the configuration many ways but problem not resolve. all devices are connected to the POE linksys switch. sometime my wireless device goen outoff n/w not able to pping and access, that time i can see that all LED on the device blinking file but so way to access it than  i have to replug it or restart it manualy than it work file.

i am facing this proble from last two months, i have tried many way to configur it and change channel settings as well.




Mahesh Patidar

John Frankish Sun, 01/02/2011 - 04:49
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I've now set the wap4410n ap and wds repeater to use static ip addresses and the problem is even worse, the wap4410n wds repeater only lasts between 30mins and a few hours before losing communication with client machines and the wap4410n ap.

Note that both wap4410n and rvs4000 are all individually powered, I am not using PoE


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