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Nov 26th, 2010


I've Installed a MSE context aware services   6.0.103 and WCS plus loaction license in a Campus with 4 WLC  in 2 buildings, every buildings has 3 floor, i configure the WCS and associate the campus to MSE engine, I syncronize it with controllers and  It works, but only for the ground floor of the buildings, on the other floor there are many clients but they are not visible on WCS map, I can view associated clients only on the groundfloor maps, and  i check the properties of every floor but they are the same.

any ideas?



I have this problem too.
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fziliott Fri, 12/24/2010 - 02:39


Are the groundfloors all covered by APs on the same controller(s) and maybe the other floors covered by APs on different controllers?
Or are the same controllers having APs on either the groundfloor and other floors?
I am asking this because we may be running into a situation where the MSE doesn't correctly communicate with the controllers managing APs (and clients) on the floors where you can't see anything.

Also, is the MSE license having still free slots, or is the license limit completely consumed by all the clients in the groundfloors?
This can be verified in WCS under

Services > Mobility Services > [your MSE] > Context Aware Service > Administration> Tracking Parameters

After these first checks, I'd also verify the following:

1. The client on a specific floor should show up on the WLC under

show client detail

2. The same client should show up on WCS through a search for its MAC address.
Is the WCS pointing you to a specific map location for this client?

3. In WCS, under Monitor > Maps, do you see a client count higher than zero for those floors where you can't display clients?

4. In the floor map view of WCS, could you please confirm that you checked the "Clients" box and that in its properties you also selected "Show All Clients"?
I understand these may sound like obvious steps, but I'd prefer not to neglect anything.



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smarchesi Tue, 12/28/2010 - 00:42


I try to answer point by point:

all the AP of the building are in the same Controller, so the controllers has Ap on either the groundfloor and other floors.

the license situation is ok  and comunications between MSE and controllers seem to be right.

the client Mac under WLC is reporting to a specific Map Location

in WCS I see a client count higher than zero for those floors

In the floor map view of WCS, I' ve  checked the "Clients" box but I'm unable to select "show all clients" and a message on the screen appears "there are no client on this floor. either you don't have any MSE which locate clients or none of MSE detected any client on this floor"

let me know if you need more information and possibly where I can find the right logs

Thanks for your time



fziliott Wed, 12/29/2010 - 05:01

Hi Stefano,

As a very first check, I'd suggest to collect the following info:

1. From the WLC:

(Cisco Controller) >show auth-list

2. From the MSE:

# getserverinfo

and then

# cmdshell
cmd> show server-auth-info

This last command will show something like the following:

invoke command: com.aes.server.cli.CmdGetServerAuthInfo
Server Auth Info
MAC Address: 00:c0:9f:87:74:72
Key Hash: 34136e44c864142a72b15655b536207b99aee8f1
Certificate Type: SSC
cmd> exit

3. Are the info for the MSE (MAC address and LBS-SSC key hash) the same as in the WLC's auth-list?
If not, the WLC will fail to communicate properly with the MSE (even if it shows as synchronized) when it comes to tracking clients.

The solution would be to delete the LBS-SSC key hash entry from the WLC:

config auth-list delete
config auth-list add lbs-ssc

Where are taken from the cmdshell commands above.

If this wouldn't show any progress, some more advanced logs and debugs could be collected and analyzed through a standard TAC case:



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Vinay Sharma Sun, 05/29/2011 - 07:02


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