jaypartest1 Thu, 01/20/2011 - 02:09
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Please help

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Varun Uniyal Fri, 01/21/2011 - 05:47
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Here is a step by step of how to find an MIB and it's OID details :

a)       Select the product family in the following link :


b)       Select the OS…. IOS/CatOS

c)       From the list select the MIB for feature for which you want to find the OID

( for example BGP ). This will give you a complete list of all MIB for a particular feature.

d)           Now copy any single MIB name from the file ( for example we select  bgpPeerTable )

e)           Paste this MIB name in the following tool ( SNMP object Navigator )to retrieve the OID :


      For eg if we put “bgpPeerTable” we get “”


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