How to use internal DHCP-server on a Wireless Lan Controller?

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I'm trying to use the internal DHCP-server on a 4402 WLC v.7 for air-lap 1141n. But the WLC log says:

*DHCP Proxy DTL  Recv Task: Jan 18 14:51:58.591: c4:71:fe:34:14:c7 DHCP received op  BOOTREQUEST (1) (len 310,vlan 228, port 2, encap 0xec00)
*DHCP Proxy  DTL Recv Task: Jan 18 14:51:58.591: c4:71:fe:34:14:c7 DHCP dropping  packet from AP c4:71:fe:34:14:c7 received on port 2, vlan 228

Here are a screenshot of the ap-manager interface.

Primary DHCP server is set to management interface (

I'm not sure how the Internal DHCP server and ap-manager works togheter, is there a way to connect the DHCP scope to ap-manager?



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Surendra BG Thu, 01/20/2011 - 07:09
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The DHCP server information should be filled under MANAGEMENT interfcae DHCP server as well..

that is..

instead of configuring the DHCP server ip on AP-manager, do it on MANAGEMENT interface... check this DOC..

that is..


Lemme  know after making this changes, this will help you!! and keep in mind,  DHCP AP to get an IP from the WLC = Same VLAN for management and  AP-manager and AP VLAN.

lemme know if this answered your question..

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I have the same problem.  I have my management set to, the ap manager on .8  - this is on a 2125 WLC with 7.0 code.

I can plug my workstation into port 1 and using a static IP, browse to the wlc as expected.  When I plug in an AP to the poe port, the AP never gets an IP.

I created a dhcp scope on the WLC and enabled DHCP proxy.  I consoled into the AP, and get

*Mar  1 00:22:04.506: %CAPWAP-3-DHCP_RENEW: Could not discover WLC. Either IP
 address is not assigned or assigned IP is wrong. Renewing DHCP IP.

I have the clock manually set to today's date and time.

I just cannot figure out what I'm missing!


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