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Jan 26th, 2011

I'm trying to configure a PLAR for an elevator line, so when they press the key the phone will dial XXX-xxx-yyy I know how to make a plar for an internal  number, but having trouble with this one if anyone can help please.


I have this problem too.
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Brandon Buffin Wed, 01/26/2011 - 13:00

CUCM or CUCME? The dialed number will need to match a route pattern and/or dial peer, so you may need an access code such as 9 to match your existing dial plan.

Hope this helps.


wbaez1234 Wed, 01/26/2011 - 13:24

We use a CUCM 6.0 when I create the translation pattern this is what i have, along with the rest of the configuration for PLAR, but when I pickup the hand set of the test phone it just give me an intercept message that the call can't not be dialed.

Pattern Definition
Translation Pattern
Partition< None > 1111 1369toVM_PT 1N_University_BuildingA_1stfloor_911 1N_University_BuildingA_2ndfloor_911 1N_University_BuildingA_3rdfloor_911 1N_University_BuildingB_1firstfloor_911 1N_University_BuildingB_2ndfloor_911 1N_University_BuildingB_3rdfloor_911 1N_University_BuildingB_4thfloor_911 1N_University_BuildingB_4thfloor_Local 1N_University_BuildingB_4thfloor_LongDis 1_University_Jacaranda_LD_Calls 1_University_Jacaranda_Local 2995 to VM_PT ANCDispatchtoVM AgentOutBound AnimalCare AnimalCareLD AnimalCareLocal Animalcare 911 BARC Booher Internal BARC-C-911 BARC-C-Local BARC-C-LongDistance BARC-C-Page BARC-S BARC_Booher_9911 BARC_Booher_LD BARC_Booher_Local BARC_DirectVMPartition BCCallCenter 911PT BCCallCenter LDPT BCCallCenter LocalPT BCCallCenter PT BarcBooher9911 Broward Building-Code_pt CUE_VM_PT CVB 911 PT CVB LD PT CVB Local PT CVB PT CVB to VM_PT CVB_LD_Fax DER-911_PT DER-LD_PT DER-Local_PT DER_PT Direct_TXFR_to_VM EOC EOC_LD_PT ETS_HelpDesk_LD ETS_HelpDesk_Local Eoc_Local_PT ExtEdu ExtEdu-911 Ext_Edu_Local Ext_Edu_LongDistance FASD-IC_PT GC-ACCTG-LD GC-BLOC-LD GC-BSO-LD GC-CntyAudit-LD GC-CtyAtty-LD GC-D6-IC GC-East 911 GC-East Long Distance GC-East-IC_PT GC-Facilities-LD GC-Fleet-LD GC-HR-LD GC-HS-LD GC-LegDel-LD GC-Library-LD GC-OIAPS-LD GC-OMB-IC GC-OMB-LD GC-OPC-LD GC-PlanRedevelop-LD GC-PlanningCouncil-LD GC-RTT-LD GC-RealProperty-LD GC-Risk-IC GC-Risk-LD GC-SmallBusiness-LD GC-east 411 GC-east International GC-east Local GCeast-357-Prefix HFIN_911 HFIN_LD HFIN_Local HFIN_PT HR-IC_PT HS Coral Springs_911 HS Coral Springs_LD HS Coral Springs_Local HS Coral Springs_PT HS Coral Springs_VIP HS Pompano_911 HS Pompano_LD HS Pompano_Local HS Pompano_PT HS-2995Dixie HS-2995Dixie-911 HS-2995Dixie-Local-CCL HS-2995Dixie-LongDistance-CCL HSMills HSMills_911 HSMills_LD HSMills_Local HS_CArverRanches_911 HS_CarverRanches HS_CarverRanches_LD HS_CarverRanches_Local HistoricalComission_9911 HotLine Security IPSession IPSession_Local_Calls IPSession_Long_Distance_calls IWPompano 911 IWPompano LD IWPompano Local IWPompano_PT Jhon_Test LIBHotDial-7414 LIB_LauderdaleLake LIB_LauderdaleLake_911 LIB_LauderdaleLake_LD LIB_LauderdaleLake_Local Lowrise_911 Lowrise_LD Lowrise_Local Lowrise_PT Luis_Test MR-411 MR-International MR_VIP MT Broward Terminal_911 MT Lauderhill_911 MT Ravenswood_911 MTRadioRoomLocal MedEx_Incoming MedexTranslation Medex_911 Medex_LocalCalls Medex_LonDistance Meetme_PT Midrise Midrise_911 Midrise_LD Midrise_Local OES OES1AWTP_911 OES2AWTP_911 OES3AWTP_911 OES4 OES_911 OES_HotLine OES_Internal OES_Long Distance Calls OES_local OEStoVM OT OT-BrowardTerminal-911 OT-Gates OT-Lauderhill-911 OT-MTRavenswood-911 OT-PKCentral-911_PT OT-Paging OTRavenswood-9911 OT_911 OT_LD OT_Local Calls PE PE 2020 Eller PE-2020Eller-911 PE-2020Eller-International PE-2020Eller-Local PE-2020Eller-LongDistance PE-411 PE-911 PE-AdminPage PE-FTZ-911 PE-HM-911 PE-HM-Hunt-Pilot PE-HM-VIP PE-Intercom Finance PE-Intercom-Admin PE-Intercom-Construction PE-Intercom-HMTower PE-Intercom-Legal PE-Intercom-PortDirectors PE-Intercom-Security PE-Intercom-Trade PE-International PE-International-VIP PE-Local PE-LongDistance PE-PublicWorks PE-PublicWorks-911 PE-PublicWorks-Intercom PE-PublicWorks-International PE-PublicWorks-Local PE-PublicWorks-LongDistance PE-PublicWorks-Page PE-S0C-911 PE-SCRANE PE-SCRANE-911 PE-SPCrane-International PE-SPCrane-Local PE-SPCrane-Long Distance PE_VIP PK-CBRP PKAdmin PKAdmin_911 PKAdmin_LD PKAdmin_Local PKAdmininto VM_PT PKCBRP_Local PKCBRP_LongDistance PKExtEdu_911 PKLongKey_911 PKLongKey_LD PKLongKey_Local PKNdistCallPark PKNdist_911 PKNdist_LD PKNdist_Local PKSoutDistoVM PKSwestDist_911 PKSwestDist_Paging PKSwestNdist_LD PKSwestNdist_Local PKTY1911 PKTY2_911 PKTY2_LD PKTY2_Local PKTreeTops_911 PKTreeTops_LD PKTreeTops_Local PK_AnnKolb911 PK_AnnKolb_LD PK_AnnKolb_Local PK_Brian9911_call PK_Brian_LD PK_Brian_Local PK_CBRP_9911 PK_CBsmith_9911 PK_CBsmith_LD
Numbering Plan< None > NANP
Route Filter< None >
MLPP PrecedenceRequired FieldExecutive Override Flash Override Flash Immediate Priority Routine Default
Calling Search Space< None > 1369AnimalCareSpecial AgentOutBoundCSS Animal Care LD Animal Care Local BARC-C Local BARC-C-LongDistance BARC_Booher_LD BARC_Booher_Local BCCallCenter LD CSS BCCallCenter LD CSS - Rich Perkel BCCallCenter Local CSS BooherInternal only CUE_CSS CVB Internal CSS CVB LD CSS CVB LD Fax CSS CVB Local CSS DER-Internal_CSS DER-LD_CSS DER-Local_CSS EOC LD EOC LD - Rich Perkel EOC LD CSS EOC_Local ETS_HelpDesk_LD FASD-IC_CSS GC ACCTG CSS GC BLOC CSS GC BSO CSS GC CntyAudit CSS GC CtyAtty CSS GC Facilities CSS GC Fleet CSS GC HR CSS GC HSvcs CSS GC LegDel CSS GC Library CSS GC OIAPS CSS GC OMB CSS GC OMB IC GC OPC CSS GC PlanRedevelop CSS GC Planning Council CSS GC RTT CSS GC Real Property CSS GC Risk CSS GC SmallBusiness CSS GC east CSS GC-D6-IC GC-East-5th Floor CSS GC-East-Intercom_CSS GC-Risk-IC GC_HR_IC HFIN_LD HFIN_Local HS Coral Springs LD_CSS HS Coral Springs Local_CSS HS Coral Springs VIP_CSS HS Pompano LD_CSS HS Pompano Local_CSS HS-2995Dixie-CCL-Local HS-2995Dixie-CCL-LongDistance HSMills_Internal HSMills_LD HSMills_Local HS_CarverRanches_LD HS_CarverRanches_local Historical_Comission_LD Historical_Comission_Local HotLineCSS IWPompano_LD IWPompano_Local Internal Ipt_test Jhon_Test LIBHotLineCSS LIB_LauderdaleLake_LD LIB_LauderdaleLake_Local Lowrise_LD Lowrise_Local MTBrowardTerminal_LD MTLauderhill_LD MTRavenswood_Internal MTRavenswood_LD MedExam_LD MedExam_Local Midrise_Internal Midrise_LD Midrise_Local Midrise_VIP_LD OCS-Call OES-Hotline-CSS OES1AWTP OES2AWTP OES3AWTP OES_Local Calls OES_Long Distance Calls OT-PK_LD OT_Gates OT_LD OT_LD_Building_1ST OT_LD_Building_2ST OT_LD_Building_3ST OT_LD_Building_6ST OT_Local PE Intercom Admin PE Intercom Construction PE Intercom Finance PE Intercom HM Tower PE Intercom Legal PE Intercom Port Directors PE Intercom Securtiy PE Intercom Trade PE-FTZ PE-HM PE-Local PE-LongDistance CSS PE-Midport Parking Local PE-Midport Parking Long Distance PE-Public Works Local PE-Public Works Long Distance PE-PublicWorks-Intercom PE-Receptionist CSS PE-SOC CSS PE-SPCRANE Local CSS PE-SPCRANE Long Distance CSS PE-VIP-CSS PKAdmin_LD PKAdmin_Local PKAnnKolb_LD PKAnnKolb_Local PKBrian_LD PKBrian_Local PKCBRP_Local PKCBRP_LongDistnace PKCBsmith_LD PKCBsmith_Local PKEasterling_LD PKEasterling_Local PKFern_LD PKFern_Local PKHollywood_LD PKHollywood_Local PKLongKey_LD PKLongKey_Local PKMarkhamTarget_LD PKMarkham_LD PKMarkham_Local PKNdist_LD PKNdist_Local PKSecretWoods_LD PKSecretWoods_Local PKSwestDist_LD PKSwestDist_local PKTY_LD PKTradeSouth_LongDistance PKTreeTops_LD PKTreeTops_Local PK_EXTEDU_Local PK_Ext_edu_LD PK_Plantation_Hrtg_LD PK_Plantation_Hrtg_Local PK_QuietWater_LongDistance PK_QuietWaters_Local PK_Sedistrict_LD PK_Vistaview_LongDistance PK_markhamtarget_Local Pompano-Local-CSS Pompano-Long Distance-CSS RC66Av Local_Calls RC66Av_LongDistance Revenue_CollectionsLD RightFax SWLF_LD SWLF_Local Strip6_CSS Test_CSS TrafEng-LD-Commissioner_CSS TrafEng-LD_CSS TrafEng-Local_CSS UV-EM-LocalCSS UV-EM-Long Distance CSS UV-Intercom UV-LongDistanceCSS UV-Project Mng-Intercom UV1A-Jacaranda_LongDistanceCSS UV1A-LongDistanceCSS UV1B-LongDistanceCSS UV1B_Jacaranda_LongDistance UV1B_Jacaranda_LongDistance-test Luis UV2A-Jacaranda_LongDistanceCSS UV2A-LongDistanceCSS UV2B-Jacaranda_LongDistanceCSS UV2B-LongDistanceCSS UV2B-LongDistanceCSS - ETS UV3A-LongDistanceCSS UV3A_Jacaranda_LongDistance UV3B-LongDistanceCSS UV4A-LongDistanceCSS UV4B-Jacaranda_LongDistanceCSS UV4B-LongDistanceCSS UV4B-LongDistanceCSS - Temp ETS VM Restricted CSS WWS Elevator PLAR Walter Test CSS ipSessionDialOut luis test testluis
Route Option Route this pattern
Block this pattern No Error Unallocated Number Call Rejected Number Changed Invalid Number Format Precedence Level Exceeded
Provide Outside Dial Tone
Urgent Priority

Calling Party Transformations
Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask
Calling Party Transform Mask
Prefix Digits (Outgoing Calls)
Calling Line ID PresentationRequired FieldDefault Allowed Restricted
Calling Name PresentationRequired FieldDefault Allowed Restricted

Connected Party Transformations
Connected Line ID PresentationRequired FieldDefault Allowed Restricted
Connected Name PresentationRequired FieldDefault Allowed Restricted

Called Party Transformations
Discard Digits< None > NoDigits PreDot 10-10-Dialing PreDot 10-10-Dialing PreAt PreAt 10-10-Dialing 11D->10D PreDot 11D->10D PreDot 11/10D->7D PreAt 11D->10D PreAt 11/10D->7D Intl TollBypass PreDot IntlTollBypass PreAt IntlTollBypass PreDot Trailing-# PreDot IntlTollBypass Trailing-# PreAt 11/10D->7D Trailing-# PreAt Trailing-# PreAt IntlTollBypass Trailing-# PreAt 10-10-Dialing Trailing-# PreAt 11D->10D Trailing-# PreDot 10-10-Dialing Trailing-# PreDot 11/10D->7D Trailing-# PreDot 11D->10D Trailing-# Intl TollBypass Trailing-# Trailing-# 10-10-Dialing Trailing-# 11D->10D Trailing-# 11/10D->7D Trailing-# 11/10D->7D PreDot IntlAccess IntlDirectDial
Called Party Transform Mask
Prefix Digits (Outgoing Calls)
nitsinha Thu, 01/27/2011 - 12:27

Hi Wilson,

To dial the number 918003245647 you must have a route pattern in your CUCM. Put that route pattern in a partition, say plar_test.

Put this null translation pattern(posted above) in another partition say tp_plar. The IP phone which will be used for plar test call should have a CSS which should have partition tp_plar in it i.e. basically the phone should have access to the translation pattern. Now in the translation pattern config page that you have posted, change the CSS to one which has partition plar_test in it but does not have partition tp_plar in it.. Hence the bottomline is that the IP phone should have access to the null translation pattern and the null translation pattern should have access to the route pattern for routing the call out.

Make the above changes and try a test call. Post the results.

Hope that helps



PS:Pl rate helpful posts.

nicolewonghy Wed, 06/27/2012 - 10:42

May I know whether PLAR to an external number can be possible to configure on CME? The current version of mine should be CME 7.1. Many thanks!!!



Brandon Buffin Wed, 06/27/2012 - 11:20

Yes, try this:

ephone-dn 1
number 100

ephone 1
button 1:1
autoline 1

Hope this helps.


nicolewonghy Tue, 07/03/2012 - 09:00

Thanks Brandon. May I have a further question is, in case I have total 5 x CO lines, but I just want to limit the plar connections to up to 3 only, is it possible?

Say, I configured five ephone with plar-enable, but I just want max only three of them can get the CO connectivity, is it okay?



Brandon Buffin Thu, 07/05/2012 - 07:42


Here's one way to accomplish this. Set the trunk to use an access code different from your normal code. Then configure dial peers to use the code to allow access to only three of the FXO ports.

ephone-dn 1
number 100
trunk 19

ephone 1
button 1:1
autoline 1

dial-peer voice 19 pots

destination-pattern 19T

port 1/0/0

dial-peer voice 19 pots

destination-pattern 19T

port 1/0/1

dial-peer voice 19 pots

destination-pattern 19T

port 1/0/2

Hope this helps.



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