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Apr 26th, 2011


I'm setting up an outbound dialer in UCCX 7.0(1).   I've imported my contacts and UCCX makes the calls outbound fine.   The problem I'm having is that UCCX keeps cycling through my list of contacts.   Is there a special character I need to put in the CSV to signify an EOF?

Additionally, how can I modify the fields and layout list in CAD when using outbound?   I know how to do this on an inbound script but cannot find any place to specify this for outbound calls.

Finally, I'm using direct preview that requires the agent to acccept the call before it is placed.   Is there any way to give a better indication in CAD that there is a call waiting to be dialed out?



I have this problem too.
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rorogier Thu, 04/28/2011 - 19:02


    Are all of the contacts and the UCCX server in the US or overseas?  I'm not completely sure what you are asking about presenting the call.  The dialer in UCCX is not a predictive dialer but instead a presentation based dialer where the agent is presented with the call and then has to disposition it.  There isn't a way to change this in UCCX, only in the UCCE product line.  Can you elaborate a bit on what you are doing?  Also, can you either upload the MIVR logs from the period when you were trying to dial or read through them and see what errors are being presented?  These logs are usually pretty easy to read through and you should be able to figure out the exact failure cause.


Robert W. Rogier

glenn.martindel... Fri, 04/29/2011 - 13:59


Thanks for the response.   The are all US based.   The main problem I'm having is that I've uploaded my list of contacts that I want UCCX to dial.   I put in 2 numbers into my test CSV.   The outbound dialer works correctly and places the call after the agent accepts it.   The problem is that UCCX keeps cycling through my contact numbers.   It doesn't just call each number once.   It cycles throught he list and then starts at the top again.   It's almost as if UCCX doesn't know that each of those numbers have already been called.



rorogier Tue, 05/10/2011 - 17:17


     When the agent takes the call is it being dispositioned correctly?  The UCCX dialer will continue to dial the number until the disposition code which is called "callStatus" in the admin guide has been changed to something other than "1" which is pending.  If agents are indeed dispositioning the calls, can you query the DB using Query analyzer and see what is being set.  If these are being set, then you will likely need to either open a TAC Service Request on this.  I would recommend gathering the MIVR logs from the time when you are attempting the outbound dialing to attach to the case.  These will be critical in any resolution attempt.

Thank you,

Robert W. Rogier


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