Error 442 cisco vpn client in Windows XP 64 bits SP2

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viceinfeldt Tue, 11/08/2011 - 14:38

We're having the same problem as well. Here is the output of the Log:

1      15:35:38.821  11/08/11  Sev=Warning/2          CVPND/0xE340002C

Unable to enable the 64-bit VA after timeout

2      15:35:38.821  11/08/11  Sev=Warning/3          CVPND/0xE3400029

The Client failed to enable the Virtual Adapter on 64-bit Windows

3      15:35:38.821  11/08/11  Sev=Warning/2          CM/0xE310000A

The virtual adapter failed to enable

4      15:35:38.867  11/08/11  Sev=Warning/2          IKE/0xE300009B

Failed to active IPSec SA: Unable to enable Virtual Adapter (NavigatorQM:936)

5      15:35:38.867  11/08/11  Sev=Warning/2          IKE/0xE30000A7

Unexpected SW error occurred while processing Quick Mode negotiator:(Navigator:2263)

Machine makes it through IKE Phase 2 on the ASA it's VPN'ing into.


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