Cisco IP phone + Cisco Surveillance system hardware requirements

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May 30th, 2011
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I want to put some kit together for our showroom.

In short. I'd like to integrate two Cisco IP phones with LCD screens with camera feeds and access control.


Person swipes card or ring door bell, trigers a camera recording and I can look at it on the cisco phone at my desk.

Could someone tell me what do I need from hardware perspective?

I already have VSOM/VSMS server, access control gateways, door locks , and cameras.

I don't have Cisco IP phones.

Can I just go ahead and buy any two cisco IP phones with LCD screens connect them to the network and I'm done? or I need extra platform to put it all together?

Any help much appreciated.



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mishaaltk Tue, 07/26/2011 - 15:26
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Very interesting question.

I was also looking for something like that.

I think a programmer would have to write some code to do that.

Would appreciate if we could get some leads from anyone on how to achieve this.

etijburg Wed, 07/27/2011 - 08:27
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My understanding is that the current IP Phones from Cisco do not have the Hardware/Software to display videos from VSM.  We have looked at this in the past and we told that something would have to change in future phones to make this happen.  I think the Cius will provide this in the future with an android app.  I have heard a couple third parties are working on their own apps for VSM.  I am waiting on V7 too see what that has in store for a mobile app.

To be accurate, the Austin Cisco office does play video on their IP Phones from Times Square.  This was a custom application written for the phones, and to my knowledge are not Cisco cameras.  For the SD cameras it should be able to view on any of the color screen IP Phones with a seperate application. The Cius is Android based and has enough processing power and video capabilities to play the video, but no application to pull it up right now. I have heard similiar rumors as etijburg on the applications as well.

dannymget Fri, 08/05/2011 - 12:31
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None of the actual video capable phones like the 89 or 99 series are able to do it. One fine day, Cisco promised to have streaming capabilities on those phones. But time changed the priorities thanks to the Cius.

Right now, only with a small tool on a server and a push to the XML screen you are able to have it displayed. Not very sexy anymore for a showroom (basically: access a webcam, convert picture into .png and display it on the phone screen every 5 secs.). If anybody has a different oppinion, happy to hear it.


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