6513 crash and start on ROMmon mode

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Jun 8th, 2011

dear all;

i have one off 6513 VSS crash and start on ROMmon mode. i solve this issue by remove all crash file from bootflash and redownload image in SP to RP then reset configuration register to default.

the crash file was attached your help and support to advice if this crash for hardware problem or software problem



I have this problem too.
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Leo Laohoo Wed, 06/08/2011 - 02:43

*Apr 18 01:01:29.321: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-3-HM_TEST_FAIL: Module 9 TestMacNotification consecutive failure count:5

*Apr 18 01:01:29.325: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-6-HM_TEST_SP_INFO: TestMacNotification[9]: last_busy_percent[11%], Tx_Rate[1178], Rx_Rate[0]

*Apr 18 01:01:49.481: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-3-HM_TEST_FAIL: Module 7 TestSPRPInbandPing consecutive failure count:5

*Apr 18 01:01:49.481: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-6-HM_TEST_INFO: CPU util(5sec): SP=11% RP=0% Traffic=0%

netint_thr_active[0], Tx_Rate[1997], Rx_Rate[0], dev=1[IPv4, fail=5], 2[IPv4, fail=5], 3[IPv4, fail=5]

*Apr 18 01:02:13.293: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-3-HM_PORT_TEST_FAIL: Switch 2 Module 9 TestNonDisruptiveLoopback Port(s)[5] failed. System operation continues., 4[IPv6, fail=5]

*Apr 18 01:04:10.153: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-2-HM_MOD_RESET: Resetting Module 9 for software recovery, Reason: Failed TestMacNotification

*Apr 18 01:04:10.821: %OIR-SW2_SP-3-PWRCYCLE: Card in module 9, is being power-cycled 'off (Diagnostic Failure)'

*Apr 18 01:04:11.261: %HA_EM-6-LOG: Mandatory.go_mac.tcl: GOLD EEM TCL policy for TestMacNotification

*Apr 18 01:04:11.045: %C6KPWR-SW2_SP-4-DISABLED: power to module in slot 9 set off (Diagnostic Failure)

*Apr 18 01:04:11.061: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-4-DIAG_DETECT_FABRIC_CHAN_LOW_RATE: Module 9 fabric channel 4 out_rate is under flow control.

*Apr 18 01:04:11.061: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-4-DIAG_SUGGEST_ACTION_DUE_TO_FABRIC_CHAN_FLOW_CONTROL: Flow control is occurring in the system. Analyze the system traffic and remove the traffic source that causes flow control.

Apr 18 01:04:47.417: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-3-HM_TEST_FAIL: Module 7 TestSPRPInbandPing consecutive failure count:10

*Apr 18 01:04:47.417: %CONST_DIAG-SW2_SP-6-HM_TEST_INFO: CPU util(5sec): SP=36% RP=0% Traffic=0%

netint_thr_active[0], Tx_Rate[1266], Rx_Rate[0], dev=1[IPv4, fail=10], 2[IPv4, fail=10], 3[IPv4, fail=10], 4[IPv6, fail=10]

CMD: 'en' 01:05:11 UTC Mon Apr 18 2011

Hardware failure of whatever is on slot 9 of the 2nd switch.

Muhammad.Fathy Wed, 06/08/2011 - 23:57

thanks for your powerful support I need to ask why 6513 restart on  ROMmon mode after crash.

Leo Laohoo Sun, 06/12/2011 - 16:47

I need to ask why 6513 restart on  ROMmon mode after crash.

Sorry but I don't understand this questoin. 

gephelps Sun, 06/19/2011 - 10:44

Both crashes were from the RP. You need to look at the SP crashinfo files. With certain types of crashes autoboot will be disabled by setting the SP config register to 0x0 and forcing the sup to stay in rommon.


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