Smart CallConnector Server Download Router Info stuck at 60%

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Installing Smart CallConnector Server and on Step 1 Download Router Info the process gets as far as Processing Phones table and just hangs, with the progress bar at 60%.  The system is configured with Extension Mobility, but as far as I'm aware with a few caveats, it should work OK with Ext Mob configured.  Anybody knpw why this process might hang at 60%?


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With regards to my previous message, we have managed to verify this ourselves by making sure that all the phones now have someone logged into them and this did indeed fix the problem.

However we have now hit another problem further into the setup routine. When you select a phone it complains that the phone does not have a password configured on it, but of course you cannot configure a password on an ephone that is configured for extension mobility. You can configure a user & password on the default logout profile but this does not seemt o make any difference.

Can you use a phone configured for Extension Mobility in CallConnector Server and if so how please?


CSCO11776120 Fri, 07/15/2011 - 07:18
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Don't shoot the messenger but Cisco does not support SCC with EM. Besides that it isn't on the 'future features'-list yet so it won't be supported sooner. You only have two choices, either use SCC or EM.




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