UCS 6248UP Licensing

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Jul 27th, 2011
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How will the 6248UP Fabric Interconnect ports be licensed?

Will ports configured as Fiber Channel also consume a port license?

Will the Expansion Module be fully licensed or will it share license with fixed ports?

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Eric Rose Wed, 07/27/2011 - 10:58
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The UCS 6248UP (with NO expansion module) has 32 physical ports. Of these –

o   12 ports are pre-licensed

o   Up to 20 additional ports can be licensed using UCS-LIC-10GE per port

The UCS-FI-E16UP (16 port Unified Expansion Module) has 16 physical ports. Of these –

o   8 ports are pre-licensed

o   Up to 8 additional ports can be licensed using UCS-LIC-10GE per port



cweinhold Wed, 08/10/2011 - 07:57
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Can the UCS-FI-E16UP ports be used for chassis connections or are they for uplinks only (like the 6120/6140 GEM modules were)?

Is a port license required for every use of a physical port? E.g.,

  • 10GE chassis connection
  • 1/10GE uplink
  • 1/2/4/8 Gbps FibreChannel uplink
  • 10GE FCoE direct attach
  • 1/10GE appliance port
  • 1/10GE SPAN/monitor port

Finally, do you know the list cost of UCS-LIC-10GE ? Is it going to be more/less than the current N10-L001 10GE license?

Eric Rose Wed, 08/10/2011 - 08:21
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  • Cisco Employee,

The list price for both port license are the same. It looks like the cost is 2,744 list.

All physical port need to be licesned on the fabric interconnect. The 6200 license structure is listed above. The 6100s the fixed ports needed license however the expansion cards do not.



pedroyaja Mon, 09/05/2011 - 02:16
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I have been testing different configurations with netformx and it seems that ports configured as FC do not consume licenses. Is that correct??

Thanks in advance


Eric Rose Tue, 09/06/2011 - 06:57
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  • Cisco Employee,


All ports need to have licenses regardless if it is server / ethernet / fiber channel ports.



gikabutha Wed, 02/22/2012 - 00:29
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phewks i got to see this before i actually sent out pricing to a customer. i would have messed up bigtime on licensing. Thanks guyz.

Muhammad Anser Khan Mon, 03/19/2012 - 23:43
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Dear Eric,

Need to ask small questions. Can we use pre-licensed ports for any one of them e.g. 1G, 10G FCoE or FC?

And Is per port license (UCS-LIC-10GE) for FCoE only or FC can also work on this license?

What license do we need for FC only?



Jeremy Waldrop Tue, 03/20/2012 - 03:42
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Yes, the base 6248 ships with 12 licenses, if you have the optional expansion module you get 8 more. Any used port will take a license whether it is Ethernet, FCoE or FC.

Shaker Al-Absi Sun, 05/27/2012 - 00:30
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can I use one of the 32-ports as FC port OR i have to use the expantion module only for that?!!



Saad Shakeel Khan Wed, 06/26/2013 - 09:57
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Well the last time I configured 6248 with an expansion module, it went upto 52 licensed ports.

Here is the breakup:

- 12 ports are pre-licensed for base ports

- 8 ports are pre-licensed for expansion module

- & CCW tool let me configure 32 UCS-LIC-10GE licenses more. :S

Keeping in view the total physical ports to be 48, howcome the tool is letting me configure 52 licenses?

akhedkar Fri, 11/02/2012 - 05:15
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  • Cisco Employee,

We have ordered 6248 with 16 port expansion module. The system should show 20 licenses as installed in this case. 12 by the virtue of 6248 and 8 by the virtue of expansion module. But the system only shows 12. I am checking in UCS Manager Admin Screen - Licensing. Is this information stored somewhere else?


Ajit Khedkar.

syedal3 Wed, 07/03/2013 - 06:51
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Hello Rjs,

The UCS 6248UP has 32 physical ports out of 32 ports 12 ports are pre licensed .You can expand it up to 48 ports by using expansion module UCS-FI-E16UP (16-port Expansion module) in which out of 16 ports 8 ports are pre licensed .

The UCS 6248UP (with expansion module) has total of 48 ports in which 20 ports are pre licensed ,remaining ports can be licensed by using UCS-LIC-10GE per port .

Please check the links mentioned below, I hope it will help





Robert Burns Wed, 07/03/2013 - 07:01
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  • Cisco Employee,

Slight correction to above.  The 16-port expansion modules do not come pre-licensed.  They simply contribute an additonal 6 (not 8) port licenses to the pool.  These can be used towards both fixed and GEM interfaces.

6248 - includes 12 licenses towards pool

6296 - includes 18 licenses towards pool

16-Port-GEM - adds 6 licenses towards pool



cweinhold Wed, 07/03/2013 - 07:15
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Are you sure about the 16-port GEM module having just 6 licenses? The docs say it adds 8 licenses, and that's what I've always been told.

The eight default licenses that come with a 6200  series  fabric interconnect expansion module can be used to enable ports  on the base module


Robert Burns Wed, 07/03/2013 - 07:29
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  • Cisco Employee,

I stand corrected.  I recall from earlier days it was originally 6, but that might have changed since the FCS release version.

Checking my 6248 I show "20" licenses, which makes sense since I have 12 base + 8 Expansion licenses:

Pod1-A /license # show usage

Feat Name                      Scope Default Total Quant Used Quant State                Peer Count Comparison   Grace Used

------------------------------ ----- ------- ----------- ---------- -------------------- ----------------------- ----------

ETH_PORT_ACTIVATION_PKG        A          20          20         29 License Graceperiod  Matching                   2966400

ETH_PORT_ACTIVATION_PKG        B          20          20         27 License Graceperiod  Matching                    662400

Thanks for keeping me honest!



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