ACE NAT configuration - is it possible to use a different source PAT IP per rserver in a serverfarm?

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Aug 15th, 2011
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I've a quick question regarding using PAT (port address translation) on an ACE module specifically for the purpose of load-balancing requests to a cluster of Exchange CAS servers.

Each CAS server needs to see requests from the same source IP which can be achieved by using source NAT / PAT but due to the scale of this Exchange deployment a single NAT pool with one PAT'd IP will not provide enough ports (i.e. there may well be more than ~64,000 ports required at any one time).

Is it possible to configure PAT on the ACE so that each individual rserver will see requests from a unique source PAT address, i.e., each rserver sees a different source PAT IP, i.e., in order to provide ~64,000 ports per source PAT IP <-> CAS server pair as opposed to ~64,000 ports shared between all the CAS servers?

If so, does anyone have any configuration examples (based on a single-armed configuration)?


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ohynderi Wed, 08/17/2011 - 01:32
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Hi Tia,

I don't think we can do this. We can easily configure a different nat pool per serverfarm but not per rserver.



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