CCA 3.1 hangs when trying to access Security\NAT

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Aug 16th, 2011
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I just installed CCA 3.1.1, and I'm trying to access the NAT features on a UC520 by going to Configure then Security then NAT.  When I click on NAT, it starts loading security related data.  The progress bar goes almost to the very end, but then it just hovers at the very end.  The bar is one space away from the end, and it switches back and forth between one space away and two spaces away, but it never actually gets to the end.  After 35 minutes, it's still sitting there saying "Loading security related data".

I can get to most of the other features, but nothing in Security.


Adam V.

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David Trad Wed, 08/17/2011 - 15:22
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Hi Adam,

This is an inherited issue from previous versions, they have not been able to eliminate this problem, in my Review of 3.1 I never come across this problem, and hence never reported it, but recently It has been happening.

If you close out of it (When it lets you) and do it again it should open up straight away, alternatively close out of CCA, re-load it and then go make a coffee whilst it is doing all its discovery, this process is essential for CCA to work properly, if you move ahead full steam before it has finish doing its discovery process CCA will not play nice and things will stop working properly.

My guess is if you look at the logs for that particular time, you will see that it most likley started to error out at about 60% and CCA still keeps going, but in the logs you will see it erroring out with timer issues and just being caught in a loop.



viningele Mon, 02/20/2012 - 11:29
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CCA 3.2 still has this problem too.  My MAC running XP (bootcamp) and my HP running WIN7 both have this problem.   Internet connection does it too in Routing if I recall.  Anything that tries to load "Loading Security Related Data" just shows the progress bar that will chug along until it reaches around 95% complete at which point it's an infinite hang (loop).

I'm completely unable to acces and set paramters associated with the Security GUIs like NAT, ACL etc.  Well sometimes they will apear after 1-15 minutes but I don't trust it's ability to write to running program then.

When it did work properly I could open NAT in seconds but now I have to close down CCA just to get rid of the progress bar which sometmes will sit out of focus for hours just tryinng to finish.  Gets close to the end and falls back.

I'm pretty sure it's config related cuz it can work fine until some change is made and it then won't work thereafter.  I haven't pinned down the cause though.

There are numerous other issues too with CCA such as VLANs not showing up in the Wireless setup,  DHCP pool seem to loose there settings which I beleive is cuz the fields don't properly re-populate so when you do an apply it deletes the field that didn't populate although thy were once applied and reloaded.

Really bites when you don't know what you're doing in the first place and the CCA application is causing as many problems and the newb user.  I think I recall these problems 3-4 years ago when I last tried to work with it,  not much progress it all that time I'd have to say.

Is there a place for bug reporting?

Brandon Turpin Tue, 02/21/2012 - 09:32
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My suggestion for when you see this is to gather the CCA Troubleshooting logs (Help > Support Information > Troubleshooting Log button at the bottom) and then open a case with SBSC. 



viningele Tue, 02/21/2012 - 13:28
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ok, i'll look in to doing that but I pretty much always have these issues with my current config/community.

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