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We have a 5505 with a base license and need additional basic SSL VPN client connections (not premium).  We purchased an AnyConnect Essentials license and applied it.  However, when trying to make the 11th connection (7 IPSec and 4 SSL), one of the connections gets closed and we can't get over 10 client connections.  Even though we have the AnyConnect Essentials License (which I thought brought our SSL basic client connections to 25) are we still bound by the 10 'Total VPN Peers' count in the 5505 base?

If so, what is the right license to get us beyond the 10 VPN client connections?  Is it the L-ASA5505-SEC-PL= license which says provides  "increased session and IPSec VPN Peer capabilities".  That says IPSec and not SSL.

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varrao Mon, 09/12/2011 - 22:58

Hi John,

The annyconnect essential license just enables you to use anyconnect client to connect through VPN, which means once you use this, you would not be able to connect through clientless connection, you would always need a client to connect through VPN.

Once you upgrade to security plus license, then you would in all have 25 ssl connections, and the base license woudl be over written, so only 25 connections possible.

Hope this helps.




That helps along with that document.  I'm still confused about the purpose of the AnyConnect Essentials License.  If we had just put in the Security Plus license to get to 25 client connections, then we wouldn't have needed the AnyConnect Essentials License? 

With just the Security Plus I could of configured the webvpn parameters, groups, authenticion methods, etc., and had the ability to get a max of 25 SSL client connections?  (I've never been interested in the clientless connection in the ASA.)

varrao Tue, 09/13/2011 - 00:42

Hi John,

Yes, you are right about both your questions. Anyconnect essential license is required only if you are using anyconnect client to connect. If you are not using it, you would just need the security plus license for 25 ssl vpn connections.




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