CUCM 8.6.x and caller name on incoming external calls

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Sep 21st, 2011


we have a CUCM 8.6.x, and we would like that caller name appears on the IP Phones on incoming external calls (e.g., from PSTN or another PBX).

Is there a way to obtain that only with CUCM?

If not, is there an external solution (possibily free) to get that?

TIA and regards.

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cnuche Wed, 09/21/2011 - 04:34


If the call is comming from the PSTN (and the PSTN is sending you the calling name) then your GW must be configured to accept this by enabling the 'Display IE' (H.323 and MGCP) or 'Facility IE' (MGCP only), if you have an H.323 GW and the TELCO is sending this on Facility IE then you will need to switch to MGCP.Now for the PBX it would be the same.

BUT, if you are trying to get the calling name based on the caller ID only then there is no way to do this natively on CUCM, you may create an ip phone app/custom directory that will do this for you, as this app will have to perform a query on the directory and check it.

Christian Nuche

PDI HD Team.

raziel78kain Wed, 09/21/2011 - 05:52


we are in the second scenario (to get the calling name based on the caller ID only).

Do you know any free application to get that?

If not, can you give me more information to be able to create this kind of application?



There is a way to do this via a TCL script which I found on CCO a number of years ago.

The TCL script was originally called "modify_caller_name.tcl" and was published by Niels Brunsgaard of Cisco.

You load this script onto your PSTN gateway and create a number of mappings of numbers to names. It only works on H.323 gateways (it will not work on MGCP). I have also noticed that it seems to create an issue if the number being called is over a SIP trunk from CUCM (e.g. the caller whos number has been converted to a name is dialling a number that is reached over a SIP trunk from CUCM).

If you need a copy of the script, PM or email me.

HTH. Barry

more than two years have been passed, anyone makes it work?

Yes, I got an exactly the same requirement and hit this post by searching google.

for a particular PSTN caller number, we want to present calling name on our internal IP phones. We are using CUCM

version: Maybe this new version support it natively?

anyone can help on this?



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