Fabric Interconnect vNic Failover

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Sep 21st, 2011

We have the following Palo vNIC allocation for an ESXi host with 1000v in our vBlock:

VLANs on vNIC #

  • 1: 14;
  • 2: 41
  • 3: 42
  • 4 20,12,22,24;
  • 5: 4,3,6

Now the statement has been made to us that this would not provide a redundant networking configuration in the event of a Fabric Interconnect failure, and there must be pairs of vNICs carrying a VLAN – one that traverses the left FIC and one the right FIC. The suggestion to us was to only use 2 vNICs and carry all VLANs.

My understanding is that with the M81KR vNICs, they can be set to ‘Fabric Failover Mode’ which will switch the accessible path in the event of a FIC failure seamlessly to the host. Removing the host managed failover and maintaining the HA within the fabric instead.

Is this a correct deployment when using Fabric Failover?

I have this problem too.
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