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As a Toll Fraud Prevention measure, a UC520 was configured with the following after-hours call blocking (9 is the prefix used to obtain an outside line);

after-hours block pattern 1 9 7-24

after-hours day Sun 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Mon 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Tue 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Wed 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Thu 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Fri 00:00 23:59

after-hours day Sat 00:00 23:59

but end users reported that they were unable to set CFwdAll to forwards call to an external number (e.g. a mobile number).

I suspected the '7-24' directive at the end of the block pattern was the culprit, as Cisco docs state "If the 7x24 after-hours call blocking policy is configured, it also restricts the set of numbers that can be entered by an inside user to set call-forward all." so this line was removed and replaced with;

after-hours block pattern 1 9

However testing shows that CFwdAll to an external number still fails.  Callers hear the message "This service is not compatible with this call" and console messages on the UC520 show "DisconnectText service or option not available unspecified (63)".

With the '7-24' directive removed, should CFwdAll to external numbers now work?  Can anybody suggest why this is not the case?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Dbooth,

Did you get a solution for this problem.. I am facing the same issue.


Bejoy Thomas


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