Slow internet throughput and high latency until reboot of UC320W

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Oct 3rd, 2011
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While trying to diagnose an issue today with a UC320W running 2.1.1, we found that speedtests performed at were resulting in extremely slow throughput and high latency.

Reports averaged around 2 meg down max and as little as 1 meg down, with upload speeds ranging from 0.25 meg to a little less than a meg.

Ping times were as high as 400ms.

The UC320W had rebooted yesterday (<24hrs prior to this issue) as per scheduled maint I beleive.

After calling the internet provider, they assured us that their side was fine.  So we applied the patch to allow pings to take place TO the UC320W and after it rebooted, all was good.

Now downloads are 12 meg and up is close to 2 meg, while ping times are 60ms.

That is a huge huge difference.

Any input as to why this system would slow down so dramatically within 24hrs of a reboot, to the point of causing dropped packets, slow throughput, and audio that was breaking up?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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John Hoyt Tue, 10/04/2011 - 13:28
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I have another post about this same system, with random "resync" and downloads of components to phones...

Could this be a bad UC320W by chance?   Nobody else seems to have these issues, but this one client sure does.

I have the exact system at my office, and we get ~5 meg up through it and 53+ meg down, but there are only 7 or so phones here, and there are 12 at the client with issues.   Otherwise, this is an identical setup.

ilsvisadc Fri, 08/23/2013 - 13:51
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Hi John,

What patch did you apply? I seem to have the same problem...



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