SIP URI Dialing between Cisco IP Phones and TelePresence EX90/EX60

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Nov 4th, 2011

Hi Experts,

I need one help in configuring SIP URI Dialing.

I have CUCM 8.0.x in place and IP Phones are registered with this. I have VCS 6.x and SIP Trunk is established between VCS and CUCM.

The Idea behind this to make and receive SIP URI Dialing among the IP Phones and EX90/EX60.

Please advice how to make this happen.



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Marwan ALshawi Sat, 11/05/2011 - 01:28

ok you will need some search rules and transformation polices to be configured in the VCS side

and a route pattren in CUCM side

if the VC endpoints uses [email protected]you will need to do translation from number dialed form CUCM to the end point name

for example if the endpoint SIP URI is [email protected]

you can create a route patterns for numbers like 1XX to be sent to the SIP trunk and to the VCS

in the VCS you can use trasfomation to change this dialing

CUCM will send it as for example [email protected]_IP

thne you can change it to [email protected]then the call will be sent to that endpoint

from VCS to CUCM  you will need to do the other way around where you remove the SIP domain and replace it with CUCM IP in the SIP URI on the search rule level

see the below domcument for full conifg details

CUCM and VCS integration

hope this help

if helpful Rate

manishkumar.gupta Sat, 11/05/2011 - 01:44

Hi  Marwan,

Thanks for the help.

I already did the same but there is some configuration issues in search rule and transformation in VCS. I already did the integration of VCS-CUCM (I received this Integration guide from you quiet some time ago ) . But I beleive there is some configuration issues in VCS in terms of Search Rule, Zones and  Transformation .

Can you help here!


Marwan ALshawi Sat, 11/05/2011 - 03:10

Ya sure

But I want ot describe what is not working

And attach a file describe your config such as

Endpoint sip names

Search rules


Zones ....etc

manishkumar.gupta Sat, 11/05/2011 - 04:49

Hi Marwan,

Thanks for your quick reply and zeal to help.

I believe I have issue with VCS Configuration specially Transformation.

IP Address of CUCM:, IP Address of VCS: , All DN numbers in CUCM has 4 digit extensions and it is like 11XX . Domain for VCS is .

However I have enclosed my present configuration in word file.

Kindly have a look, and advice where to make changes.

Thanks again for the help.


Marwan ALshawi Sat, 11/05/2011 - 16:08

i think there are some errors in the call flow/transformation of the SIP URIs

just try the below for one direction calling and lets get it working first from VCS to CUCM

CUCM numbers are in the range of 11XX, CUCM IP and i am assuming phones registered to the CUCM and use it for signaling ( callmanager service enabled in that CUCM IP )

you have the neighbor zone setup with SIP ok, and you will need a SIP trunk from CUCM side that SIP trunk has to have a CSS to cal CUCM numbers, a device pool with location that have the video setup with some video bandwidth lets say 768 for example even if its audio only calls !

set the region to g711

if the Ex90/60 setup to use SIP as a default protocol and they are setup with the SIP domain then

if you dial any thing without the SIP domain by default the configured SIP domain will be add to the dialed URI

for example if you dial 1100 then it will become [email protected]

so to make simple for users they just need to dial the 11XX and you can configure the VCS to do the other wok in the back end

1- remove the and replace it with CUCM IP ( using a transformation )

2- add a search rule with a rule match any thing going to @CUCMIP to be snet to the CUCM neighbor zone


1- transformation: (11d\{2})  Replace: 1\@

2- search rule to CUCM: match regex: [email protected]  : stop searching and send to CUCM zone

remove all other search rues and transformations related to this CUCM integration to avoid any issues

good luck

hope this help

Martin Koch Sun, 11/06/2011 - 06:32

Btw, there is a new deployment guide for X7 and CUCM:

Think the option to set the call routing mode for a specific zone can be great for integration deployments.

I do not think that yout problem is related to X6.x but I would look into upgrading to X7.x anyhow.

The problem here is most likely the domain/transform/search rule config.

What I can recomend is to supply a xconfig / xstatus (or at least parts of it) rather then a limited screen shot

view of search rules and transforms.

I did not look deeper, but for example your first cucm search rule will never match as you have

a transform which would hit first with a similar pattern, your tocucm rule lacks an @ in the replace rule, ...

So remove all the rules / transforms and start over following the deployment guide sounds not like the worst idea :-)

Marwan ALshawi Sun, 11/06/2011 - 12:53


It is clear that the issue with search rules and transformations

That's why I tried to started with simple one way fix vcs to CUCM first

manishkumar.gupta Sun, 11/06/2011 - 22:19

Hi Marwan,

Thanks for the extended help.

I did the suggested configuration in VCS.

Still, When I dial 1199 (EX90's Extension); cal is unable to get connected. same happens when i dial from IP Phone[1140] to EX90[1199].

However in CUCM there is route pattern configured and SIP trunk established CUCM-VCS.

Please have a look on the enclosed revised configuration snapshot.

Please advice, any changes are required.

Many Thanks,


Marwan ALshawi Mon, 11/07/2011 - 20:58

you forgot the ()




this will be done befor the search rule thus the search rule has to match now [email protected]

and the action is leave not Replace to leave the SIP URI in the format of [email protected] when its being sent to CUCM

by the way what you trying to call in CUCM is it Ex90/60 registered to CUCM or normal Cisco Phones ?

becuase i see you have a route pattren with 11XX where in VCS we point to CUCM for this pattern ?

this is a bit confusing ? also the SIP trunk has to have the requried CSS to access the desired devices in CUCM

hoep this help

manishkumar.gupta Mon, 11/07/2011 - 22:24

Hi Marwan,

Thanks for the correction in VCS.


We have CUCM 8.x running,IP Phone 7942 (DN-1140), IP Video Phone 9971 (DN-1138) all are registered with CUCM.

by the way what you trying to call in CUCM is it Ex90/60 registered to CUCM or normal Cisco Phones ?

Normal IP Phones. EX90 is registerred with VCS Control.

becuase i see you have a route pattren with 11XX where in VCS we point to CUCM for this pattern ?

in CUCM 1100-1195 (Extensions/DN are there),

this is a bit confusing ? also the SIP trunk has to have the requried CSS to access the desired devices in CUCM

SIP Trunk has CSS already there, which has the access to all partitions..  Video Endpoint has extension from 1196 to 1199.  Presently EX90 has Extension 1199.

CUCM have a route pattern 119[6-9] which is pointing toward VCS SIP Trunk.

Still, we are unable to call VCS Endpoints from IP Phones.

Please advice if any more changes are required.

Many Thanks,


Marwan ALshawi Tue, 11/08/2011 - 20:13


based on this you need to update the VCS to the following:





search rule : ( make sure you use match regex, and action leave nothing to be change or replaced )


this is only for VCS - To - CUCM direction

make sure old transformations and search roles point to CUCM deleted to avoid any conflicting

if it its still not ringin the phone at lease

post the call history log of the call you made where it shows all the searching and transformations that happens

hope this help


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