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Nov 10th, 2011
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Good Morning all,

I hope someone can help me. If a group of agents is connected to a skill group with more than one category how does cisco count the number of abandoninQ, Abandon ring, calls handled and offered?

For example:

When downloading perskg32 report the data shows as follows:



214                   27                      8                    19                      927              981



214                    27                    0                    0                         0                         27

As shown some of the values are repeated, so what are my totals for Abandon and Total number of Calls?

CallsQueued=214 or 428

CallsAbandInQ= 27 or 54

CAllsOffered=981 or 1008

Report Summary field the data are the values in red.

Thank you in advanced


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Check your call type reports for a more accurate count on those numbers.

Set a "queuing call type" just before the queue to skill group nodes - by definition, a "queuing call type" will be the last in the series of call types (after you have peeled off holidays, after-hours etc. calls). No "flow out" from this call type.



Gergely Szabo Thu, 11/10/2011 - 06:39
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if one call is queued to multiple skill groups, the number for the CallsQueued will be incremented for all of the skill groups. Same applies to the Calls

AbandonedInQueue column as well. It's quite logical - the system queues one call to two or more skill groups, and if the customer decides to hang up while in the queue, the call will be abandoned for all of the skill groups. Similar logic applies to the CallsOffered column, which is basically the number of calls that touched that skill group.

It's quite different, however, when it comes to AbandonRing or RONA - this is already past the queue, when the system already knows where to route the call to: to the agent.

Back to those numbers:

214 calls were queued (to all skill groups);

27 calls were abandoned (for all skill groups);

981 calls offered (~ touched the skill group).

Might be a bit confusing, but one needs to see this from the point of view of skill group, not calls.

I can only agree with Geoff, if you need to count calls as such, you need to insert call types into your ICM scripts, before sending calls to skill groups, or at any place where you want to measure the number of calls. The way I always explain this to a customer is: calltypes are basically turnstiles with a security officer standing next to them, keeping an eye on everyone going through the gate.



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