Unity Connection IMAP service Failing

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Nov 15th, 2011
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Hi All,

I'm having a problem with the IMAP service failing on my Unity Connection servers, we are running version 8.5 and the problem seems to be effecting both the servers in the HA pair.

I have checked the trace files and have found that the following error, which states the ports are already in use, however this being on the Unity connection server it's self I don't see what could eb using the ports.

10:09:00.629 HDR|11/14/2011 ,Significant

10:09:00.629 |9816,,,-1,-1,The Connection IMAP server could not initialize one of the listening sockets. Another application may be using one of ports reserved for IMAP. Stop that application and restart the Connection IMAP service.

10:09:01.241 |GEN getTraceObject = 0x8d5db48, m_pGenTrace = 0x8d5db48

10:09:01.241 |GENAccessTrace obj is being used

10:09:01.241 |GENStarted() entered

10:09:01.242 |GENStarted(): mmfID=310700, hGenControlFile=24

10:09:01.242 |GENStarted(): mmfID=310700, lpMMFile=b10fb000

10:09:01.242 |GENStarted(): mmfID=310700, pGenControlFile=b10fb000

10:09:01.242 |RISGENAccess: pmmfControl mmfId: 310700

10:09:01.242 |objectTable basename GEN_ALARM_MAPFILE.310700 entered

10:09:01.242 |objectTable basename GEN_ALARM_MAPFILE.310700 entered

10:09:01.243 |risdb createLock hMutex = 8d628f0, lockNmae=/dev/shm/GEN_ALARM_MAPFILE.310700LOCKID

10:09:01.243 |RISGENAccess: createMMF with rtn = 1

10:09:01.243 |RISGENAccess initialized! m_pGenAlarmTbl: 0x8d62f58, m_pGenAlarmMap: 0x8d61260

10:09:04.408 |9822,,,SocketPoolHelper,10,CAvSocketWaitThread::HandleIn socket(33) accept failed errno 22.

Any pointers would be helpful, I've checked around on google and the bug ID's and can't find anything.................

Thanks in advance

Correct Answer by Bradford Magnani about 5 years 8 months ago

Yeah, you'll need to get the latest ES.

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e.parsonage Tue, 11/15/2011 - 07:07
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Fantastic thanks for your reply - Downloading now

I will repost once I've upgraded in a day or 2

e.parsonage Tue, 11/22/2011 - 03:26
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Hi Brad,

Thanks for your help on this I have upgraded and works perfectly



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