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RV 042 and multiple LAN Subnets access to Internet

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Nov 28th, 2011
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Hi - We have RV 042 deployed for internet access/firewall purposes. Due to growing number for Wireless devices and also to separate WLAN traffic from wired devices, we have created a separate VLAN/IP Subnet for the wifi devices. We are having trouble accessing the internet from the WiFi VLAN/IP Subnet. 

Physical Connection:

ISP---RV 042-----Cisco 3750 switch -- Two vlans---wired/wireless devices

Cisco 3750 is layer 2 and layer 3 device. We have VLAN 1 (, all wired devices and RV 042 are part of VLAN 1. Connectivity to internet from VLAN 1 is good. VLAN 2 ( / was created for wifi devices, 3750 does the inter-vlan routing, I have enabled the multiple subnet feature on the RV 042 and added / 24 to the subnet list, we still have issues accessing internet from vlan 2 devices.

As a workaround, I shutdown vlan 2 and added as secondary address to the VLAN 1 interface on 3750 and i was able to access internet from network with wifi devices also on vlan 1, we want wifi devices to be on separate vlan / ip subnet. 

Looking at the documentation for RV series routers, it talks about supporting multiple subnets access to internet by enabling multiple subnet feature but it doesn't seem to work.  Has anyone implemented something similar to the above?

From deployment standpoint this seems to be common scenario, i'm not sure if i'm missing anything. Are there restrictions on having multiple vlans?

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arahman73 Mon, 11/28/2011 - 18:43
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Hi - We are not running 4.X firmware, is the access rule still a requirement for older firmware, I believe we are at 1.X version and can't upgrade to 4.x due to older hardware.  Do we need to be running 4.x for this feature to work?

Te-Kai Liu Mon, 11/28/2011 - 20:20
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If you are using pre-V3 RV0xx hardware, you need not add Access Rules. All you have to do is to enable "Multiple Subnet" on the Setup>Network page, and add the specific subnet addresses to the list.

arahman73 Mon, 11/28/2011 - 21:05
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ok, I'm not sure then why it doesn't work when we have the IP Subnets on two different vlans. Do you know if the linksys  use the IP Address we configure on the admin page for multiple subnets? Should we be able to ping the address we configure on the multiple subnet page. Only other issue I can think is maybe the 3750 switch is dropping the return traffic from the linksys bcos linksys return traffic has source address with the ip that was configured on the multiple subnet page and switch is dropping since the port belongs to vlan 1 but it is receiving traffic from vlan 2 ip subnet. Are there any logs on linksys that might provide additional information on why it might be failing?


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