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MIB for remote query DOCSIS 3.0

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Dec 22nd, 2011
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I use uBR7225VXR, UBR-MC88V card, IOS:ubr7200p-jk9su2-mz.122-33.SCD6.bin

I configured remote query future on CMTS. It works perfectly I can see all parametres that I need:

#sh cable modem e448.c7dd.f2c5 phy

MAC Address    I/F         Sid   USPwr  USMER Timing DSPwr  DSMER  Mode   DOCSIS

                                 (dBmV) (SNR) Offset (dBmV) (SNR)         Prov

                                        (dB)                  (dB)

e448.c7dd.f2c5 C1/0/U0     1     37.25  28.63 1406   10.20  39.40  atdma* 1.1

e448.c7dd.f2c5 C1/0/U1     1     36.75  28.80 1406   10.20  39.40  atdma* 1.1

e448.c7dd.f2c5 C1/0/U2     1     38.50  30.79 1406   10.20  39.40  atdma* 1.1

I need to get this parameters by another monitoring system querying CMTS  via SNMP (not by querying modems again). I found MIB CISCO-DOCS-REMOTE-QUERY-MIB but it looks that this MIB doesn't support DOCSIS v3.0 and channel bonding, because there are no parameters like USPwr or USMER for every upstream channel from bonding group. Via CMTS I can see these parameters:

Does any MIB exist for DOCSIS 3.0 remote query?



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arni.s.eggertsson Wed, 04/11/2012 - 06:54
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Did you have any luck locating MIBs for doing remote query on DOCSIS 3.0 information ?

best regards,

Arni Snorri Eggertsson

cablefuzzy Fri, 04/13/2012 - 05:04
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>Perhaps there is no such MIB.

not impossible, but unbelievable.

I have the same problem and triggered my Cisco support persons to investigate the problem.

As soon as I know more, I'll post here.

What I found out until today is: With SCF1 it is not possible to read out the two IF3-MIB Tables

docsIf3CmStatusUsTable and docsIf3CmStatusTable.

There must be an equivalent to the CISCO-DOCS-REMOTE-QUERY-MIB!

Best regards,



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