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Ask The Expert: Video Communications Server and CUCM Integration

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Jan 3rd, 2012

Read the bioVideo Communications Server and CUCM Integration
with Mahesh Anjan

Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn how to configure and troubleshoot interoperability between Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) and Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) systems and how to debug various endpoint and protocol combinations. Mahesh is a senior software engineer in the Voice Technology Group at Cisco. He is a expert in deployment of video communication services, enterprise video solutions, and other Telepresence products as well as unified communications. He has vast experience in VCS and CUCM interoperability deployments. Mahesh has worked at Cisco since 2005. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering from Bangalore University, a master’s degree in computer engineering from Wichita State University, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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eealdhoon Wed, 01/04/2012 - 03:41


Really we have Nortel router having configuration

and now we will replaced it by another router :cisco router 2800 and use NM-2C E1 PRI

So we need from you  to tell us what the configuration in cisco router to do same work as before in nortel router

please find the attached file which is showing the configuration we need in cisco Please

thanks alot

eealdhoon Wed, 01/04/2012 - 03:42


Really we have Nortel router having configuration

and now we will replaced it by another router :cisco router 2800 and use NM-2C E1 PRI

So we need from you  to tell us what the configuration in cisco router to do same work as before in nortel router

please find the attached file which is showing the configuration we need in cisco Please

thanks alot

joe-vieira Wed, 01/04/2012 - 10:17

Hi Mahesh

How can we integrate the VCS witth CUPC client? How do we control the video bandwidth utilization between sites if we don't have multicast enabled on our network?


manjan Fri, 01/06/2012 - 13:32

Hi Joe,

At present, VCS does not integrate with CUPC client. It is supported only in UCM and CUPS environment.



Marwan ALshawi Fri, 01/06/2012 - 10:59

Hi Mahesh,

This is a great topic to discuss and ask some questions here as it is one of most rapidly growing technology

My main question is about interop with the new versions of CUCM and vcs

1- as I know now CTS endpoint can call any ex or c series endpoint directly if both are registered to the same CUCM 8.6 and later ? If this is correct what about end point registered to vcs how this can be dialed directly by a CTS ?

2- in the case of endpoints registered to CUCM CTS and other how can multipoint conference call to be held dose it need mcu, CTMS or mix how this logic work here For example if it's booked via tms

3- same question as point 2 but for endpoints registered to CUCM and vcs ?

4- last but nit least I heard now CTS. Can dose interop with other third party VC without the need to other intermediate devices such as mcu or mxe ? If this correct what is the Ovid or technology behind it

Thanks for your time and wish to get some answers about my questions above


manjan Fri, 01/06/2012 - 14:41

Hi Marwan,


First you need to create SIP trunk from UCM to VCS and create corresponding call Manager Zone and neighbor fom VCS to UCM Create a appropriate route pattern on UCM and point to the SIP trunk to VCS  ( for Eg: if the VCS phone number is 51555 , you can create route pattern 5xxxx that points to VCS and from CTS dial 51555, that gets routed to VCS endpoints


To intiate Multipoint conference on CTS via TMS , you need to add endpoint to TMS and then add MCU as conference

bridge in TMS and Initiate the conference. in this case TMS will outdial the endpoints which provides the MCU

conference number to the endpoints to join. In order for CUCM CTS to join the conference bridge, UCM should have route pattern set to conference number for the call to be routed to MCU.

if you have CTMS bridge , you can create appropriate route pattern from UCM to CTMS bridge to join the conference at a particular number :   CTS ---UCM ---SIP Trunk ----CTMS

3. if the endpoint is registered to VCS, refer to multiway conferencing document found on in this scenario

MCU needs to integrated with SIP trunk with VCS initially and conference factory should be configured to route the call

to MCU when VCS endpoint invokes Join to conference UCM or VCS endpoint , VCS sends the  request to MCU and the adhoc conference is scheduled on the fly .

4. you just have to upgrade CTS to 1.7.4 software or later  available on which supports interop with Cisco

Video endpoints and other third party endpoints

Marwan ALshawi Fri, 01/06/2012 - 15:13

Thanks Mahesh for this great details

and i can see that cisco going toward end to end video without the need to have any device to do the interop in between

however the CTS will downgrade the video quality based on the source if its SD or HD

unless a video xcoder used such as MXE ?

and where the TIP comes in the picutre in the above cases ?

thanks again


manjan Sun, 01/08/2012 - 00:58

Hi Marwan,

you are right , For TIP to MUX conversion you need MXE or TP 7010 server in between CTS and third party endpoint for interop Since CTS supports only MUX currently , Future release of CTS will have TIP Support.

in the cases where you need TIP support it is recommended to put some form of video xcoder in the CTS path.

here are some scenario's , when CTS plans to join meeting hosted by CTMS and when CTS joins the meeting hosted bt TP server 7010

1. CTS ---- MXE ----- CTMS

2. CTS --(MUX)--- TP 7010---(TIP)----- Telepresence (TIP only capabale)



Marwan ALshawi Mon, 01/09/2012 - 16:34

Thanks Mahesh

that's mean interop or direct calls between CTS and C/Ex endpoints with version TC5 and later where it support SIP and TIP can be done without xcoder now ( either registered to VCS or CUCM ) ?

based on the release notes of the CTMS 1.8 it dose support TIP and interop

is this an option to have CTS to interop in a mulitpoint call with other C/ex/Movi endpoints using CTMS ? or MCU xcoder is a must ? and what will be be the quality is it based on the lowest participant since there is no xcoder in case of CTMS 1.8 ?


manjan Mon, 01/09/2012 - 18:04

yes, with TC5 and CTS 1.7.4 ( or later) you dont need any xcoder in between

for point to point calls there is no TIP, it is using  BFCP

CTMS is not positioned as xcoder bridge but non-tip and tip capable endpoints can join the bridge and each endpoint terminates on the bridge. video quality is negotiated to lowest denomination, 

CTS 1.8 is slated to support TIP which will be released online shortly so you don't need xcoder at that point 

any CTS to CTMS call will be always MUX

Marwan ALshawi Mon, 01/09/2012 - 18:25

Thanks a lot,  the interop picture clearer now

Nick Halbert-Li... Wed, 01/11/2012 - 13:53

You have stated:

"CTMS is not positioned as xcoder bridge but non-tip and tip capable endpoints can join the bridge and each endpoint terminates on the bridge. video quality is negotiated to lowest denomination"

I was under the impression that only TIP capable endpoints such as CTS, C-series and EX series were supported, as opposed to non-TIP endpoints such as E20s?

manjan Wed, 01/11/2012 - 14:15

CTS 1.8 ( tip capable) C -series / ex series ( TC5 software) TIP capable are able to join CTMS directly without MXE

, non-tip capable endpoints have to traverse via MXE to connect to CTMS bridge .. CTMS 1.9 which is scheduled to release in march will lift this restriction and  will support non-tip such as e20

Nick Halbert-Li... Wed, 01/11/2012 - 16:36

Thanks Mahesh.

On a related topic, is it possible to call into CTMS from endopoint registered to VCS?


EX90 -> VCS -> CUCM -> SIP Trunk -> CTMS

We have a VCS environment however we connect to another organisation's CUCM/CTS environment.  Currently we use our TP Server to host conferences between our orgniasations however it would be good to be able to use their CTMS sometimes (e.g. if they have many of their own CTS endpoints connecting and we only have 1 - 2 of our endpoints in the conference).

manjan Wed, 01/11/2012 - 18:49

Since CTMS does not support Native interop as of today , I would front end CTMS with MXE so u dont hit any interop issue ...we always front end with MXE and the one such scenario we tested with CTMS  .for Eg : 9971 ---UCM ---UCM ----SIP trunk--- MXE --SIP T--UCM --SIP T-CTMS .  if you calling from TIP capable endpoint behind VCS i dont see any reason why it would not work.if you run into any issue let us know.

jmunoz19 Mon, 01/09/2012 - 18:47

How can I make use of a VCS Expressway with C series endpoints registered to CUCM?



manjan Wed, 01/11/2012 - 18:56

Jeff,  you are asking C-Series endpoints as teleworker endpoint and have it registered to UCM

C-Series -- >ISP ---->VCSe -----> UCM

VCS Expressway integration with UCM is not yet supported. traversal integration i.e traversal client is with VCS control only at present. we are actually looking into development of this new architecture with UCM.

jmunoz19 Thu, 01/12/2012 - 07:30

What is Cisco's solution for getting remote endpoints registered to CUCM?



manjan Thu, 01/12/2012 - 08:01


we typically use anyconnect vpn to connect ,,, on 9971 and cius endpoints to connect to UCM enterprise.

i understand your concern,

Is this a acceptable solution  ? Ex90 ---> UCM ---> VCS ---->VCSx . ex90 registering  to UCM via VCS ? VCS will serve as proxy and traversal agent and the UCM feature set and registration would terminate on UCM.



jmunoz19 Thu, 01/12/2012 - 13:00

In that scenerio, the endpoint registers to the VCS, not the CUCM.  How can I get endpoints to register to CUCM?  Is this something that's possible with CUBE?

Thanks, Jeff

manjan Thu, 01/12/2012 - 16:19

The scenario was actually this way, Ex90 ---> ISP ---VCSx ---> VCS ---->UCM  , ex90 residing in remote location ,
at present we dont have the capability in VCS to proxy the registration , the solution i mentioned above will be available sometime early next year and it being roadmapped

i think you are referring to CUBE registration pass through , if it is here are the config steps, refer to configuring support for SIP registration section in the below link

manjan Fri, 01/13/2012 - 08:15

Jeff, it is possible to proxy the registration across VCSe and VCSc. traversal agent that you setup between VCSe and VCSc has to be configured to allow proxy registration and in the neighbor zone of VCSc that connects to UCM via SIP trunk has to be set to allow proxy registration. in this case the register packets from teleworker site will be funnneled all the way to UCM.

Joshua Hoag Tue, 01/10/2012 - 05:12


I'm wondering what are the  advantages and disadvantages of registering EX60/EX90 end points to CUCM  8.6+ as opposed to registering them to a VCS. Thanks.

manjan Tue, 01/10/2012 - 08:10


advantages :

1. you can leverage BFCP support on the endpoints and do presentation share with other UCM video capable endpoints

2. if you just have Unified communications in your enterprise you can leverage these gears for point to point video call with other UCM video capable endpoints , like Ex90 --- to ---- CTS with no xcoder in between

3. endpoints support TIP

4. you can join adhoc video conference from these phones

5. High resolution video

6. you can leverage same voicemail system that is being used for UCM phones

Register endpoints to VCS when these are required

  1. Encryption
  2. Ad hoc conferencing – Add Participant and Join features
  3. H.323 registration
  4. IPv6
  5. Registering through VCS Expressway (Teleworker)
  6. TMS scheduling and management of TE/TC endpoints on UCM
Ricardo Sicheran Wed, 01/11/2012 - 07:40

Hi Mahesh,

We want to setup our VCS starter pack in our DMZ so that movi clients may register through the internet. Also we want to be able to make and allow calls in to our system from an systems external to our VCS.

Reading the support forum I see people insisting that you must have the dual NIC option with static NAT enabled.  At the same time I was given the impression that you do this NAT in your ASA.

Does the VCS really need to have a public ip on one interface to accept external calls/registrations?

I currently have an external dns zone setup, if I initiate external call from inside will this call succeed even though VCS has private ip behind firewall?

manjan Wed, 01/11/2012 - 12:59

Hi Ricardo,

Please look as VCS control /expressway deployment guide found at the link

what holds true for the Expressway holds true for the starter pack, If you want to use static NAT on VCS you need the dual network interfaces key.

the call needs to be delivered to the VCS and if you do not have dual network interfaces the call must not have a NAT between it and the endpoint

.. so simple answer is NO VCS does not need to have a public IP, but it depends on your configuration ,

...also signalling should work, but VCS will send media to private IP address, will other device be able to send media to that address?  is the expressway behind a firewall?



Ricardo Sicheran Wed, 01/11/2012 - 13:17

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for your answer.

Well I see your point.  Expressway is behind a firewall and firewall holds the public ip address anyway.

To answer my last question " I currently have an external dns zone setup, if I initiate external call from inside will this call succeed even though VCS has private ip behind firewall? "

I tested today and this holds true.  I called an engineer by calling and call was established between us even though VCS was internal to my network.  I can understand that my call being initiated from the inside allowed traffic back into the VCS and my endpoint.  My idea was if this works why cant it work in reverse?

Well thanks again for the insight!

manjan Thu, 01/12/2012 - 06:52


Is IP address of VCS a routable address as far as endpoint is concerned, or is outside calling device registered to the VCS?
What IP forwarding has been set up in the outside firewall?
  I am assuming a config:
VCS – Firewall – network – Endpoint

Please provide details of IP address of VCS, and IP address of outside firewall in DMZ.

Ricardo Sicheran Thu, 01/12/2012 - 08:13


This diagram better explains current setup. I have all intentions to move the VCS to the DMZ after finalizing this design.  The VCS ( is a single standalone Starter Pack Express and it is on a different subnet from the enpoints (10.17.0.x/26) but it is a fully routeable address so they can find it no problem.  Both VCS, workstations and endpoints access the internet in the same manner and that is through a dynamic PAT on the outside interface of the firewall(72.27.x.x) while the inside interface has ip (  I suppose Cisco has a full firewall traversal setup on their side.

manjan Fri, 01/13/2012 - 08:22

Ricardo, Our recommendation is to put the VCSe in the DMZ and have the traversal agent between VCSe to VCSc

VCSe is set up with public ip outside and private ip to talk to VCSc .

if you can elaborate on what you are trying to achieve by having VCSe inside the enterprise , i can think of more suggestion.



Ricardo Sicheran Thu, 01/12/2012 - 06:02

Hi Mahesh,

When you choose to register endpoints with CUCM you said that you can do adhoc conferencing from phones.

If say a EX90/C40 has built in multisite can I still have a 4 participant multipoint call?  Does EX90/c40 NPP still work?

Can I still make a call to enpoints external to my network even though we would not use VCS?

Can you provide a list of supported Telepresence endpoints in CUCM 8.6?


manjan Thu, 01/12/2012 - 07:47

Hi Ricardo,

as I said in my earlier email, you cannot invoke adhoc conference from Telepresence endpoints registered to UCM it is not yet supported however you can invoke from non-telepresence endpoint such as 9971 or 8945 and bring in the ex90 / c or e endpoints. this will be changed in next release version of endpoint software - TC6

MCU adhoc conference that is supported by UCM 8.6 is supported only for conference button on 9971 and is not supported for multisite, so you are limited to 3 party at the moment. this will be changed in Tc6

If i understood your question right , was ur question w.r.t t multisite or just point to point call ?

, telepresence endpoint that are registered to UCM can be used to make external calls to a different UCM cluster or a gateway call or a pstn ..within UCM you should have bidirectional video and across pstn you will get just a audio .

in 8.6 following telepresence endpoints are supported :

  • Ex series
  • E-20
  • MX200
  • CTS 500, 1k , 3k
  • C- Series

Marwan ALshawi Thu, 01/12/2012 - 16:09

Hi Mahesh

just to sumup the intop using UCM and/or VCS

because you mentioned above that a MCU need to be part of the booked call in TMS !! what about if we have CTMS,Codain 4500 or TP server as per below:

1- VC endpoints registered to VCS and  CTS and  997/8945 to UCM 8.6

which one of the bellow can be used for adhoc and scheduled meeting using TMS

CTMS, TP server or UCM codian 4500 ? assuming TMS and most of the endpoints support OBTP now

if the CTMS is an option for adhoc and scheduled how the TMS select the CTMS for a cetain multipoint call for endpoints in UCM and/or VCS ?

2- for endpoints all registered to UCM and some movi client coming over traversal- VC-E how this can join a call in the above case ? point to point to multipoint ?

3- how to join third party end points in the above adhoc or booked multipoint calls ( direct dial or a xcoder/TP server is required ? )

- if any xcoder required in the above cases and when ?



manjan Fri, 01/13/2012 - 05:21

Hi Marwan,

1. at present TP and MCU registered to VCS can be leveraged in TMS to book adhoc and scheduled conference. while booking the conference i have added CTS , 9971 to the conference.

CTMS is not yet supported with TMS, it is in the roadmap

2. Here is how you can leverage  adhoc/meet me conference on TMS for UC endpoints. normally you will be presented a number to call into bridge which would be adhoc numbers that is displayed under conference bridge like a series of auto generated number lets say you have 51555, 51556, 51557 etc . Once you know the conference bridge numbers , go to a particular MCU which you intend to book ( MCU -->Setting--> Extended settings ) and configure that first generated 51555. Once you config that number go to UCM and and create a route pattern on UCM and SIP trunk point to MCU. now all the UC endpoints can call this meet me number and join the bridge.

I think MOVi  over VCS-e would traverse through VCS to reach conference bridge just like VCS endpoints as VCS will know the adhoc conference numbers

For Schedule conference , add the UC endpoints& MCU and do a outdial via IP option presented in TMS of the phone. call need not have to traverse UCM TMS will connect uc endpoints via IP. for MOVi behind VCS-e your VCSe and VCSc should have appropriate search rule to hand of the call to MCU

3, for third party do the following

when you select Booking > New Conference and then select Add Participants, you can select the External tab and then choose either Dial Ins or Dial Outs to your conferences and specify the number to call out, make sure the endpoints are reachable whether it is across gateway or pstn by having appropriate pattern. You also have the Protocols and Types.

After you add them, e.g. Dial Ins, then look at the Connection Settings tab on how they’ll dial in. More than likely, you’ll need an MCU configured and added to the TMS so has to do these Dial Ins.

BTW, this is somewhat explained in the TMS Online Help when your in the Booking > New Conference page, i.e. question mark to the upper right hand corner of the GUI




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