Chris Deren Sat, 01/07/2012 - 08:01
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It is not just enabling these, first you need to figure out which one you want to use, second you need to plan carefully, calcuate your bandwidth, etc.

Please check out latest SRND for great explanations on both and some configuration examples:

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acampbell Mon, 01/09/2012 - 16:03
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Your original question asks about blocking calls due to

oversubscription of bandwidth.

This is easily carried out by setting the correct bandwidth at each LOCATION.

1 x G729 Call = 24 K

1 x G711 Call = 80K

So lets say the link between LOCATION A and LOCATION B  has a usable

VOIP bandwidth of 100K

This will allow 4 x G729 Calls or 1 x G711 Call

Any calls above these limits will be rejected with an INSUFFICIENT BANDWIDTH legend

appearing on the phone making the call.

Remember to make sure that the correct codecs are slected between regions.



omerpal1190 Mon, 01/09/2012 - 21:45
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If i will set the Only the Location in CUCM as per you said this will be called as Locatioan-Based CAC ?

Following the is RSVP-Based CAC ?

sccp local Loopback100

sccp ccm 10.X.X.X identifier 2 version 7.0

sccp ccm 10.X.X.X identifier 1 version 7.0


sccp ccm group 1

associate ccm 1 priority 1

associate ccm 2 priority 2

associate profile 3 register abc_MTP

associate profile 2 register xyz_XCODE

associate profile 1 register mno_CONF


dspfarm profile 2 transcode

codec g711ulaw

codec g711alaw

codec g729ar8

codec g729abr8

maximum sessions 12

associate application SCCP


dspfarm profile 1 conference

codec g711ulaw

codec g711alaw

codec g729ar8

codec g729abr8

codec g729r8

codec g729br8

maximum sessions 4

associate application SCCP


dspfarm profile 3 mtp

codec g711ulaw

maximum sessions software 10

associate application SCCP


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