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Jan 24th, 2012


  I have a client that is on CUOM (version 2.3) and CUPM (Version 2.1).  They want to upgrade to version 8.6 for both.  I read from the Cisco docs on CUPM that no license upgrade is needed and as such the existing licenses will still be valid.  However, I could not find this information for CUOM.

  Do we need upgrade license for CUOM or will the current license still be valid when we perform the upgrade on the same machine.  If upgrade license is required, does anyone know what is the part number for ordering?



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mcecilia Wed, 01/25/2012 - 04:59


When i had to upgrade from OM and SM to 8x, I had to buy the license.

Hope this helps.

danieltham Thu, 01/26/2012 - 00:26

Hi Cecilia,

  Do you know what is the part number that you purchased for your upgrade?



Rob Huffman Wed, 01/25/2012 - 06:09

Hi Daniel,

The path from CUOM 2.3 to 8.6 will have to go through 8.5 as an intermediate step as there

is no direct migration to 8.6. Here is the licensing info;

Upgrading from 2.3 to 8.x

If you are upgrading from 2.3 to 8.0 or 8.5, you must download a patch that enables Operations Manager to upgrade your licenses.

To access the patch, go to Software Download on



danieltham Thu, 01/26/2012 - 00:49

Hi Rob,

  Thanks for the information.  However, I could not locate the patch on the Software Download page.  Are you able to still locate the patch on Cisco site?  Just wondering if I am looking at the wrong place.

  So we need to upgrade the CUOM to 8.5 from 2.3 and load in the 8.5 license.  After that, then do another upgrade to 8.6 and load in the 8.6 license.

  Does that mean that we have to purchase 8.6 licenses and ask for temporary 8.5 license for the intermediate upgrade step?



Rob Huffman Thu, 01/26/2012 - 05:36

Hi Daniel,

The patch is the 6th one down on the page via this path;

Unified Operations Manager Patches-8.5

The licenses will need be purchased for 8.5

Table 2-4     Upgrade Paths to Operations Manager 8.5

From This License
To This License
Upgrade to Operations Manager 8.5 Is Supported from These Operations Manager Releases



8.0 (Direct upgrade which includes the backup and restore automatically).



2.3 (Migration only). See Preparing to Migrate to Operations Manager 8.5 from 2.3. This upgrade steps requires you backup and restore databases.1






mcecilia Fri, 01/27/2012 - 00:44


I think these where the P/N used:

L-UOM-B-1K-UPG= Unified Operations Mgr 8.x, up to 1K IP Phone Upg LIC-K9

L-USM-B-UPG= Unified Service Monitor 2.x to 8.x IP Phone Upgrade Lic-K9

Hope this heps

ramonito.b.esca... Tue, 05/15/2012 - 03:45

Hi Rob,

I just searched for this discussion because I have the same issue with Daniel.

I also upgraded my CUCM, UCONN, UCCX to latest release 8.6 from 8.0(3) and it went smoothly.

The only problem was my CUOM/SM is using 2.3, all the system became Unknown MDF Type on the CUOM. I've read that CUOM 2.3 doesn't support 8.6 (and you need to use CUOM 8.6 to support it - which I feel is odd since you can upgrade your CUCM 8.0 to 8.6 without license upgrade).

Now I tried to upgrade the system to 8.5 from 2.3 as it was stated that it is a supported upgrade path. I installed the patch and was successful. But it is still prompting that I am using evaluation license and is valid to 90days only.

The license is still using version 2.x and status is puchased with expiration never.

Now I cannot proceed to upgrade to 8.6 since the license is still evaluation.

I really hope you can help us with this issue.



p.s. CUOM 2.3 should be able to support 8.x version (up to latest release 8.6 and not just 8.0)


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