How do you tell if 'utils dbreplication reset all' completed successfully?

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Jan 27th, 2012
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I had of CUCM installed and upgraded to an Unrestricted version of  I later researched that I do not want an Unrestricted version and should have the Restricted instead.  I switched versions back to 10000-26 and it warned me I needed to do a 'utils dbreplication reset all' after the Publisher came back up.  Note:  The Subscriber was never switched over to 13900-5 and remains on the Inactive partition.  We only have the two servers, 1 Pub and 1 Sub.

So how do I tell if this dbreplication reset has completed successfully?  I've issued the following commands and I will paste the output...

admin:utils dbreplication status

-------------------- utils dbreplication status --------------------

Replication status check is now running in background.
Use command 'utils dbreplication runtimestate' to check its progress

The final output will be in file cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2012_01_27_22_50_57.out

Please use "file view activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2012_01_27_22_50_57.out " command to see the output


admin:utils dbreplication runtimestate

DB and Replication Services: ALL RUNNING

Cluster Replication State: Replication status command started at: 2012-01-27-22-50
     Replication status command COMPLETED 530 tables checked out of 530
     No Errors or Mismatches found.

     Use 'file view activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2012_01_27_22_50_57.out' to see the details

DB Version: ccm8_5_1_10000_26
Number of replicated tables: 530

Cluster Detailed View from PUB (2 Servers):

                                PING            REPLICATION     REPL.   DBver&  REPL.   REPLICATION SETUP
SERVER-NAME     IP ADDRESS      (msec)  RPC?    STATUS          QUEUE   TABLES  LOOP?   (RTMT) & details
-----------     ------------    ------  ----    -----------     -----   ------- -----   -----------------
CCMPUB1       0.052   Yes     Connected       0       match   Yes     (2) PUB Setup Completed
ccmsub1       0.245   Yes     Connected       0       match   Yes     (2) Setup Completed


Do I have to dig through the output file to determine success, or can anyone tell me from the command outputs I've pasted above if it was a success?  Once I determine it's successful, I will try and upgrade to the Restricted version of 13900-5.

Thank you.

Rory Schmitz

Correct Answer by Senthil Kumar Sankar about 5 years 5 months ago

Hi Rory,

The below doc would be helpful for you



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rory.schmitz Sat, 01/28/2012 - 08:16
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Yes, that is a very well put together document.  Thank you very much for posting it.  I was able to determine that everything is OK and can continue on with my next upgrade.


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