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Send to VRU and Run Ext Script

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Feb 8th, 2012
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Hi All;

I am adding a new vxml browsers and I need to send some calls (based on If statement) to those vxml browsers, so I added a Network VRU (with a new labels) and I added Network VRU script and at the ICM script, I placed if statement and based on it I am using Run Ext script which use the required Network VRU Script. But the problem I am facing it, that still the returned label for the CVP is the same label that is used with the original VXML browsers ! How I can resolve it.

I tried to set the default network vru (at the PG configuration) to be this new Network VRU, but still it is returning the original label that is used to send to the original VXML browsers.

How I can resolve this label issue and let the returned label to be 8333333333 instead of 8111111111 (ofcourse this in case the Run Ext Script was calling the new Network VRU Script, but if the Run Ext Script was the current Network VRU, then to return the label 8111111111)? How to do this

Kindly give a look for the pictures of the configuration and some logs that help.









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Muhammad Amir Raza Wed, 02/08/2012 - 15:48
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what is default VRU, in ICM config manageer, miscellaneous tools, system information?


bilalghayad Thu, 02/09/2012 - 04:58
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Dear MAR;

It is the new Network VRU that I need it to be used with its label (8333333333) as shown in the image, but even it is not using it and it is using the other Network VRU which returns the lable 8111111111:



Kris Lambrechts Thu, 02/09/2012 - 18:23
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Please clarify why you are trying to make calls to those specific VXML gateways in the first place ? All VXML Gateways in any deployment should be equal. You should be able to get any scenario working correclty with exactly 1 Type 10 VRU and one label (per Routing Client).

The only exception is if this is a question of equipment being related to a different 'customer' or 'part of your business', i.e. this is multi-tenant system you should define another instance in the ICM Instance Explorer and define your VRU there per cusotmer and set the right Customer on each incoming Call Type.

All other scenarios should be adressed on a voice routing level. Not in UCCE. So please clarify further what your reasons are for bringing up the question.



bilalghayad Fri, 02/10/2012 - 03:26
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Dear Kris;

(per Routing Client).

* Actually I am trying to do this on the same routing client, in other words the new Network VRU that I added is using the same routing client that is used for the old Network VRU.

Please note that this is for the same customer and all the storey that I need to test the new VXML gateway that I am going to add it before making it live (production), so what do u suggest a solution to test this VXML gateway before using it in production?



Kris Lambrechts Sun, 02/12/2012 - 01:30
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  • Cisco Employee,

Hey Bilal,

Ok, it's actually quite difficult to single out a gateway or a couple of gateways on a per-call basis 'the right way'. Once you add a gateway to your Gatekeeper, SIP Proxy or Static Routes setup, you'll have a round robin mechanism that's pretty much not changeable on a per-call basis.

If it's just to test these gateways for a limited period of time, try this :

  • Open Configuration Manager - ICM Instance Explorer;
  • For your Instance you should have one Customer Definition with the same name, add a second Customer Definition, i.e. 'Test';
  • Now go to the Next VRU Explorer, add a new Type 10 VRU, and give it a (slightly) different label from the normal one, define the Customer as 'Test';
  • Go back to the Customer Definition and assign your new VRU to that Customer Definition;
  • Create a new test Dialed Number for your existing Routing Client and be sure to pick your 'Test' customer, continue to create a Call Type, Script and Network VRU Scripts as you always would;
  • Route the new Label only to your new gateways.

You would remove all of this configuration and make the new gateways use the same labels as the others once you are ready to put this in production, But it will at least allow you to route some calls through them.

Note: you may be able to do all the same things but using your existing Network VRU, just adding a new label to it for your newly defined Customer Definition. I'm not sure if ICM will pay attention to the Customer when picking a label for a Network VRU.




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