abillington Mon, 02/13/2012 - 17:44
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be clear you need tftp for BACD, not ftp. Settings via CCA - in my experience - are fine for BACD if you get the URL correct, but it doesn't check anything and doesn't seem to be a way to setup secondaries: when you do FTP for CDR Accouting, it even depends what software pack is on the UC box which will decide whether it works or not - and even when it writes records, the documentation suggests that sometimes they are incomplete (given the CDR Developers reference as discussed on here mentions several fields that are filled by RADIUS only). However, it may be interesting to do some tests on a cluster of tftp/ftp hosts - and possibly syslog also - to see if the files survive! )

QUick fix is a Unix/Linux box and the usual xinet.d setup, and if you go the Linux route you can use inotify to trigger a shell script that will do a database import every time a file is closed for write, fairly straightforward, Same options exist on Solaris, I don't know about HPUX or AIX but they're not exactly players  in SME territory :-) If you just want to look at records, setup the tftp and then it is fairly straightforward: if you want a busy day, setup syslog, debug isdn and debug ephone .. and then read the log file, and get lots of coffee. Then some more coffee.


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