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Feb 14th, 2012
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Hello there,

Please could anyone explain to me the difference between a call being abandoned from the router queue and from the TDM queue?

Also, can anyone tell me how the TDM works? Please be kind to me an use simple language.

This is the definition for calls abandoned in queue from Cisco Help:

"The number of queued tasks for the skill group that were abandoned from the router queue (not the TDM queue) in the half hour interval"

Thank you in advanced.


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justine.joubran Mon, 02/20/2012 - 07:43
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Hello Erica,

I suppose that you are referring to the number of callers who have abandoned in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) when you say "calls abandoned in TDM queue". Those are the callers who have dialed the Contact Center number, the IVR responded with a welcome message and eventually some pre-recorded prompts. Customers who choose to close the line at this level (they did not speak to an agent) are considered as abandoned in IVR.

As for "abandoned in queue", those are the callers who have heard the welcome message, and then heard pre-recorded messages, navigated in the IVR menu and selected the option to speak to an agent. The call is now transferred to the Queue. If all the agents are busy, then the caller will hear the Hold Music. If there's an available agent, the customer will speak to the agent. Customer who close the line while listening to the Hold Music are considered as abandoned in queue (or "router queue" in UCCE terminology).

Hope this helps,


Ericanicolas Mon, 02/20/2012 - 23:18
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Hello, Justine,

Thank you very much for your response, quite useful. Now I undestand the call process much better.


Ericanicolas Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:42
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Hello Again,

Continuing with Calls abandoned in Queue subject I have another question?

For example, a customer calls to my company and he/she decided to hung up before any menu option is choosen, i.e i do not know  wether he/she is already a customer or wich department he/she wants to speak to.How does Cisco compute this calls. Is the any report where I can get this information?

Thank you in advanced


Gergely Szabo Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:51
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you might probably want to insert a Call Type node just before the set of nodes that play the IVR prompts.

Then you can use a Call Type table/report with the configured Call Type and use this formula:

TotalCallsAband - RouterCallsAbandQ - RouterCallsAbandToAgent

This will give you the number of calls abandoned while the IVR.

(Assuming you've got ICM 8.0).


Senthil Kumar Sankar Thu, 03/29/2012 - 09:21
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Hi Erica,

As gergely suggested you use a CallType Report also, You can also use the below method.

For all the calls there will be RCD entry in the database, there is a field called FinalObjectID.
For these type of calls which was disconnected by customer in IVR, the FinalObjectID should be the "Run External Script" Node ID on the script.
You can run a query against the FinalObjectID,so you will get the Call Count of the Calls you are expecting


Gergely Szabo Fri, 03/30/2012 - 01:20
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who needs an easy solution if you can have a complicated one, right? ;-)

Although your idea might work, in my humble opinion, it's not elegant at all.

First of all, the _Interval (or _Half_Hour) tables are there to have already aggreated statistics for you. Cherrypicking RCD for certain Node ID's, knowing that the table does not contain an index by the FinalObjectID column, is not something I would recommend to be as a base for a report being used daily.

Second, call types are "measuring points", that's what they are created for. If you elevate some "Run External Script" nodes to this exclusive club, you must keep a watchful eye on the script, tell all your colleagues not to move that node anywhere etc, because "even if it's not a call type node, it's sort of a call type node".


Ericanicolas Fri, 03/30/2012 - 03:25
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Thank you very much. As always, very useful information and easy to follow.



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