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UCCX and Salesforce Integration

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Feb 17th, 2012
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I have a client that we recently completed a small UCCX 8.5 Premium deployment for. As part of the deployment we completed a CAD integration with Salesforce.com in order to provide a screen pop of the associated customer account using the ANI from the caller (document attached – though there were some changes along the way in order to conform to the current version of Salesforce and UCCX).

Now the customer is interested in scraping data from Salesforce.com in order to route calls to the right agents. The integration we have completed to Salesforce for CAD does not help us to do this, specifically because the account screen pop the agent gets, is provided as part of a workflow, taking place AFTER the agent is selected. In order to do what the customer is asking, we will need to hit the Salseforce database earlier and somehow populate variables that will allow us to route the call appropriately.

I know that once upon a time we could use the Cisco Unified CallConnector for Salesforce.com in order to provide a more enhanced integration to Salesforce but that is now End of Life (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/voicesw/ps6789/ps7046/ps7274/ps7292/end_of_life_notice_c51-679419.pdf). I know that there are 3rd party connectors (http://www.amctechnology.com/solutions/Cisco_solution.html) but of course those require licensing.

So now that you have the context, here is the question:

I am looking for a recommendation on how to provide the functionality that the customer is looking for.

Option 1: Complete a DB integration to Salesforce directly from UCCX and scrape the data from the Salesforce DB in order to route the call appropriately. If this is possible, I am looking for any sort of documentation on how to accomplish this.

Option 2: Use a 3rd party connector to accomplish the DB integration and pull the data out of the DB in order to route calls appropriately.  I have a call into the 3rd party vendor to confirm if we will get this functionality out of the connector, in combination with scripting from the UCCX side, but if anyone has any experience with this I would love to hear the details.

Thank you,

Casey Nordendale

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anchoudh Wed, 02/22/2012 - 09:29
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Referring to the UCCX 8.5 datasheet,


Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Premium  allows you to apply HTTP integration to provide integration and a screen  pop with browser-based applications such as Salesforce.com running in  the Cisco Agent Desktop embedded browser.

Also refer the section "Figure 1.Cisco Agent Desktop with Integrated Multitabbed Browser (Premium)" in the below link,


An example is also provided in the below link,


Hope it helps,


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prashraj Wed, 02/22/2012 - 09:42
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There are different scenarios here:

-Cisco uses CAD. UCCX SFDC connector

-However CAD with SFDC is entirely a different situation

If you are looking for some help with the hyperlinks and scripting, this can be probably obtained from salesforce directly

There is also a defect in version 1.3.2 which you might want to be aware of, which might tweak the DB and logs

-Scenario occurs when a call came in the call activity log would open and you could enter notes into the log and had the dropped down window to match it to case …etc. In Version 3 the call log does not appear and we made sure the settings in Contact Center settings with Call Log was set to 1 and we updated the XML file and change the settings their and imported with the same issue




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