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OnPlus misreporting device up/down status

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Feb 22nd, 2012
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Hi there,

I have an OnPlus unit telling me that multiple devices are down.  In fact, on the dashboard it shows that my Cisco SG-300-28P switch is down yet it correctly shows the OnPlus unit connected to it as a child device and working.  How could that be possible if the switch is not online as the OnPlus device assumes?  I can also ping the switch and connect up to it.  There are a few other devices that I confirmed are up and running as well that the OnPlus unit says are down.

This seemed to happen when I enabled SNMP on my SonicWALL router and the Cisco switch to enable the device to see across VLAN's, although I can't confirm that for sure.  The devices in question are actually on the native VLAN though and are on the same VLAN as the OnPlus piece.  I have tried rebooting the OnPlus unit to no avail.  I'm hesitant to reset the topology because that would require me to enter all of my customizations and settings again.

I guess one of my questions, on top of why this isn't working correctly, would be is there a limit to how many devices this device can monitor?  Thanks as always.

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jiyeung Mon, 02/27/2012 - 10:47
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Hey Bjorn,

When you say that the device is being reported in a down state, this is from the host/up down monitor that you have set correct?  I'm just curious to see if you were seeing an up/down status change or a device being reported as missing. 

I remember we had some issues with your third party WLC in the past when it was used with the Sonicwall router.  I'm wondering if this is exhibiting the same symptoms perhaps?


lokibjensen Tue, 02/28/2012 - 05:39
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Nope it's not the host up/down monitor, it's the icon showing a question mark and the dashboard telling me the device is missing.  Also, this is not a ZoneDirector WLC.  As mentioned above it's actually a Cisco SG300 switch that is showing missing yet all of the devices are connected to it including devices that show online.

Also, once again, is there a limit to how many devices the OnPlus piece can monitor?


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